Mapperley - Around The Reservoir
w/e 02 May 2010
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

It's bluebell time and having visited most of the surrounding woods and copses in previous years, we decided to see what John Wood at the western end of Mapperley Reservoir had to offer.

Fishing Station

Having parked on the reservoir car park we set off along the path passing many fishing stations that have been constructed and jut out into the water.

As it is only just over a mile to completely circumnavigate the reservoir we soon reached John Wood where, as expected, the bluebells were blooming.
Woodland Bluebells

We have seen more profuse and plentiful displays in the past at other locations but the flowers always look so much better when in natural woodland surroundings irrespective of their numbers.
Opencast Workings

We would have liked to have gone further into the wood but since our last walk in this area a fence has been erected and the path we intended to follow is no longer accessible. This is because opencast Mining operations are now taking place at Smalley that we caught sight of later as can be seen in the zoomed shot above. This was taken from the far end of the reservoir at the same position as the image at the top of this page.

Return Path

So doubling back we opted for the path that winds along the southern side of the reservoir.
Wildlife Reserve

Between the path and the reservoir there is an area designated as a Wildlife Reserve where access and fishing is prohibited but what impact the nearby mining which was the object of long and arduous protests and enquiries has had on the wildlife, only time will tell.
Across The Water

All the way along this path there are tantalising glimpses of the reservoir but the better views across the water are closer to the road that marks its boundary.
Nesting Goose

On reaching the end of the path we turned to walk along the road across the dam wall where there was quite a bit of activity among the water birds taking off and landing in their search for food. This Canada goose however was almost motionless as she sat on her nest that had been built between the dam wall and the water.
Reservoir Wall

We concluded our circuit of the reservoir by heading along the wall towards Shipley Country Park and turning left again into the car park.

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