Ilkeston - So This Is Winter
w/e 08 February 2009
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Chalons Way

After a number of years where we have had fairly mild winters, snow came to the UK last week with a vengeance and although not as bad as some other parts of the country, the East Midlands also experienced some substantial falls. On Monday afternoon when I captured this image from the footbridge over Chalons Way, it was still coming down heavily.
Rheumatic Seats

There are a number of seats around the Market Place that are often nicknamed the "Rheumatic Seats" as they provide a welcome respite for many senior citizens (as well as other age groups it has to be said) but there were no takers in these snowy conditions. Mind you, anyone sitting on them whilst covered with snow would probably increase their chances of developing rheumatism!
Old Fountain

The naked cherubs on the old fountain and horse trough had no choice in the matter though and had all their assets well and truly frozen.
Winter Wonderland

The snow had also transformed the landscape at Victoria Park into a veritable winter wonderland. In all two to three inches of snow accumulated on Monday but it was enough for children to be out sledging and building snowmen.
Market Place

The following day, the skies had cleared and a weak winter sun along with salt and grit had helped melt some of the snow allowing people to go about their business without too much inconvenience on the Market Place.
A Snowy Bath Street

By Thursday however, another two or three inches of overnight snow had settled and produced the unusual sight of a snow covered Bath Street.
Snow Plough

It wasn't to last for long however as another unusual sight was that of a snow plough travelling up the hill to clear the pedestrian area. To be fair the passage of the plough did little initially to make the street safer as it left a thin layer of ice and slush but it soon cleared and by the weekend you wouldn't even know there had been any snow on Bath Street.
Rainbow 2

On Thursday however, most of the main roads were passable with care but minor roads that had not been treated were still hazardous. Many schools were closed and bus services were suspended for a while or the routes varied but even in these adverse conditions there was a rainbow around nearly every corner even if it was only the Rainbow 2 bus between Ilkeston and Nottingham.

Feeding The Birds

With temperatures dipping to minus figures overnight and hovering just above freezing point during the day the cold spell is set to continue for a while so a trip to Osborne's Pond in Shipley Country Park with some wild bird food was welcomed by the resident waterfowl. Snow is still lying on the ground this weekend but before we go thinking that the other man's grass is always greener (or should that be the other's man's snow is always whiter) we should remember our American and Canadian friends who have had to endure sub zero temperatures and deep snow drifts for several months now.

On the other hand our antipodean friends are currently experiencing bush fires and are sweltering in temperatures around 45°C (113°F). So this is winter in Ilkeston and if this is the worst it gets, it'll do for me!

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