Ilkeston - Men At Work
w/e 16 November 2008
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490


At the time of writing, roofers have almost completed the replacement of this side of the former Larklands Mission building now occupied by a day nursery called the Toddlers' University. When I took this photo though they had only just started removing the old tiles and having seen their progress since I cannot say I am overly impressed with their health and safety precautions. I'm no expert but at the very least I would have expected them to be using crawlers on the roof rather than be standing in seemingly precarious positions like this.

There are no such safety concerns though on Nottingham Road where the new Littlewick Medical Centre is being constructed as the plethora of signs on the fence indicate. Although not to be seen from this angle, the site is swarming with men wearing hard hats, safety boots and fluorescent yellow jackets. The first phase is due to open in May 2009 with Phase 2 following by January 2010.
Gift of Health

Health is also prominent on a banner that has been erected on Toll Bar House, the former Council office previously occupied by East Midlands Electricity and the place where I spent part of my working life. The banner is promoting the Council's Leisure Centres and suggesting we give the "Gift of Health" for Christmas. For me it was the gift of being in the right place at the right time just as the erection of the banner was nearing completion.
Christmas Lights

Speaking of Christmas, workmen have been busy recently installing the coloured lights across the town's main shopping streets and are seen here near the bottom of Bath Street.
Tub Painter

The Christmas lights will be switched on later in November in a night of celebration on the Market Place which at the moment is also being given a face lift with all the bollards, tubs and planters receiving a much needed coat of paint. Prior to last week's Remembrance Day and Armistice Day services the War Memorial also benefited from a steam clean.

It's not just outside that improvements are being made as part of the Town Hall has been off limits for a number of weeks as refurbishment work is carried out. I'm not sure whether it has anything to do with the work but a telephone engineer was busy last week with a jumble of wires in the pillar outside the Town Hall on the corner of Wharncliffe Road. As he worked most people passed by with hardly a glance in his direction; perhaps they were admiring the colours of the trees by the church wall.
Tree Pruners

The colourful leaves on the trees are visible all over town but many of them will not fall to the ground naturally as tree pruners are also busy cutting branches and shaping many trees into more manageable shapes. I caught them here on Park Avenue but evidence of their work can be seen at many other places too.

All of the above "men at work" once their job has been completed will disappear from view but there are several Litter Pickeroccupations that are visible day in, day out throughout the year. Until people become more conscious of their home town environment the litter picker (left) will always be in employment. As he stoops to pick up the rubbish, he may not even notice the Christmas decorations in the shop windows. On the other hand, postal employees are bound to notice the onset of the festive season with an increase in their daily deliveries. When my wife saw the image of the postman above she quoted "Postie, Postie, don't be slow, be like Elvis and go, man, go!" I've no idea where that came from but it certainly dates us!

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