Ilkeston - Summer Planting
w/e 20 July 2008
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Hanging BasketHanging BasketHorticulturists everywhere both amateur and professional have been busy with summer planting in recent weeks and now the fruits of their labours are becoming more and more apparent as the flowers burst forth. Hanging baskets on lighting columns add a nice splash of colour against a sky that has seen more than its fair share of cloud this last week.

Five Into One

Not least among those horticulturists are the council workers who maintain the traffic islands and other beds and planters in the town. Only a few weeks ago, they were busy on the large island at the end of Chalons Way putting out bedding plants into five mounds of earth, two of which are visible in this image looking towards Stanton Road.
At Oakwell Drive

These vibrant fiery colours are in boxes at the end of Oakwell Drive appropriately in front of the site where Ilkeston's new Fire Station is in the course of construction.
Park Drive Planters

More boxes but with an equally attractive colour scheme are situated at the junction of Park Drive and Nottingham Road and there is a similar set of planters (not pictured) with yet another colour scheme further down Nottingham Road where it meets Cavendish Road.
Market Troughs

A line of pot-bellied iron troughs bearing the Borough Coat of Arms are probably in need of a coat of paint as are the similar coloured bollards but the summer plants are helping to disguise the fact.
St Mary's Door

Also on the Market Place but not the responsibility of the Council, two circular holders have been planted to welcome visitors to St Mary's Church.

Town Hall Frontage

Across from St Mary's on the other side of the Market Place, the same colour scheme that graces the pot-bellied troughs has been continued in the narrow beds outside the Town Hall. Also visible in this picture is one of the hanging baskets on the wall of the Sir John Warren public house.
Bulls Head

But if it's hanging baskets that delight you, there is probably no better place than another pub, the Bulls Head at Little Hallam. Complemented by a number of tubs, pots and planters all that is needed now is a prolonged period of fine sunny weather so that all the flowers throughout the town can be seen to best effect.

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