Ilkeston - Signs Of Spring
w/e 09 March 2008
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Victoria Park

I have an LP (that dates me) by Frank Sinatra containing songs by Rodgers and Hart. One of them is titled "Spring Is Here" and while I think we would be premature in declaring that, there are some obvious signs around town that show that spring really is getting closer as the days pass. Crocuses have been flowering in Victoria Park for a couple of weeks now and it is just delightful to walk along Bristol Road to enjoy them.
Recreation Ground

Oakwell DriveRecreation GroundThere's a bed of daffodils on the Rutland Recreation Ground too that are blooming although many of those on the bank off Oakwell Drive near one of the entrances to the Rec (left) are still only in bud. Perhaps it's the more sheltered position between the trees (above and right) that has caused those on the Rec to burst into flower. The view above is over the Rutland Sports Park development to the Pewit Golf Course and to West Hallam in the distance.

There are several beds of crocuses too on another of Ilkeston's parks and these are in various stages of development. These were pictured on Chaucer Old Park ('Illy 'Oleys) and whilst this purple variety was in full bloom, the yellows and whites were not as far forward. In another couple of weeks or so, the rolling parkland alongside Cantelupe Road (left) should be a riot of colour.
White Lion Square Trees

It's not just in the parks and the flowers that are heralding the changing seasons. Trees are also blossoming like these near the Health Centre on White Lion Square. The "Square" of course no longer exists being lost when the huge traffic island at the end of Chalons Way was constructed a few years ago, but locals still refer to the area as White Lion Square.

Tree  at Lower Stanton RoadBusy JunctionA circular flower bed in the middle of a rectangular green area (left) near the busy road junction of Cavendish Road and Lower Stanton Road has been planted up with pansies (right) and whilst these are not necessarily harbingers of spring, they do make an attractive setting for the adjacent tree that is absolutely full of blossom plus a few new leaves as well. It is to be hoped that an unwelcome drop in temperature and subsequent frost does not have an adverse effect on the blossom.
Golden Daffodils

There is another small green area nearby, this time triangular, at the junction of Cavendish Road (pictured) and Inglefield Road which has been brightened by the appearance of that proverbial host of golden daffodils. It seems as though this is not to everyone's taste though as several of the flowers had been decapitated and the heads left strewn on the grass and the pavement. Why anyone would resort to such acts of mindless vandalism is just beyond me! Not only are there signs of spring, there are signs of stupidity too.

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