Ilkeston - Autumn Leaves
w/e 14 October 2007
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Oakwell Drive

These autumnal images were all captured on a short walk that took in the Rutland Recreation Ground, Victoria Park and the Market Place but we'll start here on the tree-lined Oakwell Drive.
Low Level Leaves

This low level view of Oakwell Drive shows that many of the leaves have already fallen from the trees. The Rutland Recreation Ground is behind the evergreen trees on the left.
Recreation Ground

At the moment many of the trees on the Recreation Ground are at that intermediate stage still showing many green leaves but also an almost equal number of browns, yellows and golds.
Victoria Park

King George AvenueKing George AvenueAfter crossing the Rutland Rec. and walking along King George Avenue (left and right) by Ilkeston School we were soon at the entrance to Victoria Park (above). Here some of the pink roses seen on the left are still in flower and the leaves of a birch tree are turning red - both adding a splash of colour amongst the evergreens. The rose arbour in the distance is still green but all of the flowers have now died off.
Horse Chestnut Trees

Also in the Park there's already a carpet of fallen leaves beneath a couple of horse chestnut trees with plenty more still to fall. There are almost as many outer casings from the chestnuts discarded by eager youngsters after extracting the nuts for use as conkers.
Bristol Road

Those horse chestnut trees together with many other species create an imposing and colourful sight along the edge of Bristol Road.
Market Place

Leaving the Park and heading to the Market Place, we can see some colourful leaves there too but notice also that much of the street furniture including the seats and some of the bollards around the old fountain are missing. Work has been ongoing this week to clear the area in readiness for the arrival of the showmen for the town's annual Charter Fair next week.
 St Mary's Churchyard

But we'll end this look at the autumn leaves in a quiet corner of St. Mary's Churchyard. It's quiet this week but next week it will be anything but, as the funfair blares out the latest sounds to accompany the rides.

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