Ilkeston - Play Areas
w/e 30 September 2007
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

 If you delve into the archives of this site, you will find images from most of the major parks and recreational areas in Ilkeston including Victoria Park, the Rutland Recreation Ground (or Rutland Sports Park as officialdom would have it), Chaucer Old Park ('Illy 'Oleys), Granby Park and Gallows Inn Playing Fields. As well as these five, Erewash Borough Council's website lists eight more within Ilkeston with several more at opposite ends of the town in Kirk Hallam in the south and at Cotmanhay and on the Shipley View Estate in the north. On this page we'll look at the remaining eight green and open spaces in Ilkeston starting at Wash Meadow and working through the town to the Walker Close Play Area off Longfield Lane. For convenience the areas are marked and numbered on the map opposite.

Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.


1. Wash Meadows is the official name given to this open space at the bottom of Rutland Street but most local people know it better as Johnny's. Some of the footpaths through the area have been temporarily diverted and a small section is currently fenced off due to the construction of the new Awsworth - Ilkeston link road. Some of the temporary fencing can be seen in the distance here beyond the small play area with slides, rocking horses and climbing frames.
The Ashes

2. Another area with an official name, Gordon Street Play Area, is better known as The Ashes. The houses on the right of the picture are on Gordon Street whilst those on the left front onto Flamstead Road. To add to the confusion I captured this image from the end of Fairfield Road and the given location by the Council is of the nearby Rupert Street. Whatever its name or location it is quite a large area and contains two football pitches and another small play area with the usual assortment of equipment.
Larklands Play Area

3. Similar equipment for children to play on can also be found at our third location. This is the Larklands Play Area off Heathfield Avenue. Like the previous two locations the area is bounded on the east by the Erewash Canal.
Erewash Square Play Area

4. The Erewash Canal also forms the eastern boundary to this play area at Erewash Square again with an assortment of slides and swings. Despite the varying cloud cover, all of the images on this page were captured within an hour of each other but this one benefits from an almost clear sky. It also shows up the changing colours of the trees along the canal bank as autumn starts to make its presence felt.
Shaw Street Play Area

5. We now move away from the canal to a small area enclosed and bounded by French Street (behind), Buller Street on the right, Roberts Street beyond the trees and Shaw Street to the left after which the play area is named. As well as the play equipment pictured the area has been landscaped to include grassy mounds and a cobbled bank plus a paved area all of which add to the children's enjoyment.
Inglefield Road Play Area

6. Inglefield Road Play Area is a secluded patch behind houses on three roads. There is a gated access allowing grass cutting equipment to access the site from Inglefield Road and although the grass has been cut it has been left in situ. The equipment in the fenced play area though looks to be in good condition. Another pedestrian access from where this picture was captured is from Lower Whitworth Road whilst the houses to the right are on Little Hallam Lane.
Oak Apple Crescent Play Area

7. One of Ilkeston's more recent housing developments has been at Oak Apple Crescent off The Spinney and here another play area has been incorporated into the design. It is set at the rear of a pleasant grassed space dotted with shrubs, bushes and trees.
 Walker Close Play Area

8. Our final play area is sandwiched in a long and narrow piece of land between the Merlin Way industrial site on the left and the housing estate off Longfield Lane. Although it can be accessed from several points it is named after Walker Close. In addition to the usual play equipment there is also a basketball ring - not a full court but just one ring for practice purposes.

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