Ilkeston - In Our Garden
w/e 12 August 2007
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The Arbour

My ankle injury has limited my mobility this week and I've been "under orders" not to walk too far. So a good deal of time has been spent sitting in the arbour in the garden, usually accompanied by our two cats, reading the latest Dick Francis murder mystery appropriately titled "Under Orders"!
Onions Tomatoes And A Petunia

I had threatened to put nothing on this page but images of our rhubarb patch if I was unable to get out and about but we do grow other things in our garden too. The tomatoes ripening nicely now, are in the greenhouse. These pictured are the Cossack variety but Shirley, Moneymaker and a new variety to me, Juliet, have all cropped well. The sunshine we have been treated to will help the onions ripen as well . We've even got a "lonely little petunia" but that's in a tub and not in the onion patch.
African Blue Lily

Much of the garden is now given over to flowers, trees and shrubs but talking of onions, this plant with the blue flowers always reminds me of an onion that has gone to seed. I believe it's an Agapanthus or to use its common name, an African Blue Lily which, as I thought, is indeed a member of the onion family.

The blue of the Agapanthus is complemented by the yellow of the Goldenrod, sometimes spelt Golden Rod or even Golden-rod. As the flowers seed they take on an almost feather like appearance.
Mainly Orange

In another part of the garden, orange is the predominant colour with Montbretia in one bed and Mimulus, a favourite with the bees, tumbling down in a three tier half-barrel feature.
Heathers And Conifers

More Montbretia provides a nice backdrop to our heather and conifer bed but this display of the orange flowers is actually coming through the fence from our neighbour's garden.
Fuschias And Honeysuckle

Also overhanging the fence is some deliciously perfumed Honeysuckle but there are several varieties of Fuschia that are all growing in our own garden. The deep pink and purple flowers are on a smallish plant but the delicate pink flowers hang from a large deep green bush like stars in the night sky.
The Rhubarb Patch

Well I did find something else to fill most of this page but I couldn't finish without at least one shot of the rhubarb patch! But now it's back to Dick Francis - must find out whodunit!

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