Ilkeston - All The Saints
w/e 17 June 2007
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

I was looking at a map pondering where to go next for a themed set of images when I realised there are several roads in Ilkeston all named after Saints. Problem solved - well, almost, just a matter of taking the photos.

Saint Norbert Drive

The longest "saintly" road in the town is at Kirk Hallam and is Saint Norbert Drive. This is the main arterial road on the southern half of the estate that runs in a crescent shaped route, steadily rising from its lower junction with Ladywood Road to a high point, where this first image was captured, before descending slightly again to rejoin Ladywood Road near the Cat and Fiddle public house.
Saint Andrew's Drive

From the top of Saint Norbert Drive, we move to the top of the Co-Op car park on Albert Street for this view of Saint Andrew's Drive, the road junction flanked on the left by the Drill Hall and on the right by the United Reformed Church (URC).
Saint Mary Street

The green spire of the URC is a familiar landmark on the Ilkeston skyline from all approaches to the town as is the tower of the town's Parish Church of Saint Mary. The said tower is visible here above the rooftops of the houses in the nearby Saint Mary Street where the properties on the right have recently undergone a major refurbishment and modernisation programme.
Saint Mary Court

At the far end, near to where St Mary Street meets Bath Street and the Lower Market Place, a new terrace has been built in this small development that now goes by the name of Saint Mary Court. The buildings on the left front onto the Lower Market and the tower of the St Mary's Church is just visible above the trees at the top left hand corner of the picture.
Saint John's Road

Another church in the same Mission and Ministry Area as Saint Mary's is Saint John's on Nottingham Road and Saint John's Road is close by. The houses here, like those on Saint Norbert Drive at Kirk Hallam, were built as a council estate but many are now privately owned. After passing Kensington School, Saint John's Road dips down to a low point before rising up the hill on the other side to Green Lane.
Saint James Avenue

At the low point on Saint John's Road, another saint is recalled in the name of Saint James Avenue that runs off at right angles towards Greenwood Avenue and that completes the tour of Ilkeston's saintly roads!

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