Hither And Yon - A Mixed Bag
w/e 11 February 2007
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490 (unless marked).

Illness prevented any meaningful photographic expeditions this week so this selection of images are from various previous outings this year.

Swans In Tandem

This pair of swans flying in tandem whilst running on water were captured at Straw's Bridge Nature Reserve on January 26th. I was quite pleased with the result even though it was just a chance shot. I heard the noise of wings flapping and the splash of water so turned to follow the noise and pressed the shutter release.
Walking For Health

A few days later on January 29th, I joined the "Monday Strollers", a Walking For Health group, for a gentle stroll in Shipley Country Park. This path through the woods near the Hall site on top of Shipley Hill shows just part of the group - there were as many if not more members of the group behind.
Giant Catapult

On the same walk and from a similar position, I captured this image through the trees of Shipley Lake and the ill-fated American Adventure. The theme park has announced its closure and the future of the site has yet to be resolved. I was struck by the size and shape of the branch that leaves the main tree almost at right angles - almost like a giant catapult lined up to fire missiles into the lake below!
Great Tit

This image comes from 6th February and was taken after our visit to Dimminsdale Nature Reserve. After leaving the reserve we drove a short distance to a car park overlooking Staunton Harold Reservoir and here a number of bird boxes, bird tables and scattered food attract a large array of wild birds. There were sparrows, robins, tits of all persuasions as well as many others I couldn't identify. I initially thought this one in the hedgerow between the car park and the reservoir was a Blue Tit but reference books now lead me to believe with its dark head, white cheeks and yellow breast, that it is a Great Tit.

By the 8th February, snow had arrived in Ilkeston and this was the view of Pimlico on Thursday morning. This image by the way was captured with the old camera, the Kodak DC280. It was to be the last image I captured before illness sent me home and to bed for three days. Obviously the "Walking For Health" didn't do me as much good as I had hoped!
Victoria Park

A week later, Thursday February 15th, I ventured out still feeling pretty weak in an abortive attempt to capture some images for this page. I managed only a few shots of which this was about the best. (Doesn't say much for the rest!) Showing the crocuses pushing through the grass on Victoria Park, it also shows the rose arbour with the pillars that were taken from the old Nottingham jail and on the left in the far distance, is the bandstand.

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