Wollaton - A Walk In The Park
w/e 14 January 2007
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Standing Water

It's been quite mild for the time of year and this last week has been rather wet and windy but we chose probably the best day of the week, Wednesday, for a brisk walk in Wollaton Park. Surface water from the rain had created a few muddy patches on the route we were about to follow and here, adjacent to the lake in the park which can just be seen to the right of the path, there was enough standing water to interest some of the park's waterfowl.
Wollaton Lake

We started our walk with quite a bit of cloud cover but the stiff breeze not only rippled the surface of the lake but also blew in some blue skies as well. It did however add to the wind chill and despite the mild temperature, it felt really cold as we walked along the edge of the lake.
Hill - Hall - Hoardings

We turned away from the lake just after some flowering gorse that added a welcome bit of colour to the scene to follow the avenue of trees (left) up to the Hall (middle) which is still shrouded with scaffolding as it has been for some time while major restoration work is carried out. It is due to be completed by Easter this year. Work is also being carried out on other buildings and the hoardings around the Stable Block are enhanced by boards decorated with pictures by children from local primary schools.


The benches near the Stable Block would have been inviting on another day but with the wind still blowing we passed them by and went down the hill. The wind had however blown away most of the cloud and in the sheltered conditions as we descended the hill it became very pleasant in the winter sunshine.
Deer Park

Wollaton Park is of course a deer park and in the distance we noticed some movement among the trees.
The Stag

Employing the zoom lens on the camera showed a number of stags and this one was kind enough to turn and face me. Further away the hinds were busy grazing and the black dots on the grass in between turned out to be members of the crow family.

 Back At The Lake

By the time we had reached the lake again it seemed much calmer but before we reached the car, the wind had picked up again and it had started to rain. And it stayed wet and windy for the rest of the week.

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