Ilkeston - Flying The World Cup Flag
w/e 11 June 2006
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

All Things Football

As the World Cup Finals get under way in Germany, there is no shortage of national fervour back home in England. On the Friday market in Ilkeston it was easy to get all things football, including trainers, footballs, shorts, shirts, flags and banners. On this stall there were also cream zip-up jackets with red lettering for only a fiver but in the hot weather, I would imagine sales of these would have been rather slow.

At the other end of the market supporters of the national team, both men and women, could complete their outfits with a selection of underwear all bearing the colours of St George and emblazoned with the name 'England'.
Bring It On

As would be expected many of the town's pubs like the 'Moon and Sixpence' in the Market Place have notices and placards promising 'live' coverage, in this case, on '3 Plasma Screens' with the exhortation to 'Bring It On'.
Vehicle Flags

Motor vehicles too are to be seen all over the place with flags flying from the windows as a gesture of support for our players in Germany. Most cars have one or two emblems fluttering away but I spotted this one with four.
Friendly Rivalry

And of course many people have gone to town and decorated their homes too. But what's this? A bit of friendly rivalry if I'm not mistaken as the occupants of two properties that face each other in the same road are sporting different flags. Whether sporting competitions though between England and Australia can ever be called friendly is probably open to debate but if quantity is anything to go by, I think England has won this one.
Spanish Bar

When it comes to friendly rivalry though, I'm not quite sure about this one. The Spanish Bar in South Street is bedecked with the flags of St George and is obviously supporting England. My problem is I've got Spain in the sweep but putting that to one side all I can do is to echo the sun shield in a neighbour's car - 'Come On England'.

Come On England

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