Ilkeston - In Search Of Spring
w/e 26 March 2006
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

During the week that contained the first day of spring, the ongoing cold spell continued to delay the onset of the usual abundance of the seasonal flowers. It was reported that this was the coldest March in the East Midlands for twenty years but nevertheless, this weekend the clocks in the UK went forward one hour to British Summer Time. There were however a couple of bright and milder days and I took a short circular walk along both sides of the Erewash Canal close to home in search of the elusive spring. Here's what I found.

Pussy Willow

Most of the trees and hedgerows were still wearing their winter garb but on the east side of the canal I spotted this Pussy Willow. Here's an interesting fact - all willows provide a compound called 'salicin'. This is very similar to the active ingredient in most over-the-counter painkillers. Native North Americans are known to have extracted it from the bark and roots for use as a medication. I was just happy to photograph it!
Leaf Buds

A little further along the towpath I noticed another tree where leaf formation was in the very early stages.
A Green Scene

From the western side of the canal, I could see evergreens and other trees still awaiting warmer weather, reflecting in the still water. Together with the grass and leaves on the near side they created an almost totally green scene but there was just a hint of yellow as the daffodils readied themselves to burst open.

And then a splash of colour where a few crocuses had opened beneath the shelter of a tree. I'm not sure whether the swans were looking for a nesting site or were just hoping I had some food for them.
Crocus Beds

But if it's crocuses you want, one of the best places in town to see them at the moment is in Victoria Park along the edge of Bristol Road. The beds have not yet revealed their true glory but the colours are still a joy to behold on a dull and cold day and they look even better when the sun shines on them.
Victoria Park

DaffodilThe rest of the park is still a little drab at the moment but looking over the crocuses from the edge of the park, Council workmen could be seen busily clearing the flower beds and planting sapling trees as preparations for the new season's displays got underway. Yes spring may be a little late this year but if you care to look, you'll see that the signs are there. My search for spring was successful after all.
LATE UPDATE: Sunday afternoon - a warmer weekend and the daffodils are starting to bloom everywhere!

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