Shipley - A Rainy Day On Hassock Lane
w/e 14 August 2005
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490
N.B. Since preparing this page, the American Adventure Theme Park has gone out of business.

Shipley Garden Centre

Midway between Ilkeston and Heanor on the A6007 the Ordnance Survey map shows the word "Shipley". The Parish of Shipley extends much further than this but all these images were captured within a few hundred yards of each other near to the Garden Centre (above) and the entrance on the opposite side of the road to the American Adventure Theme Park. The colourful borders did their best to brighten up a dark, damp and dismal day and if you're wondering what the object on the footpath is, let's just say a horse had passed this way.
Pot Plants

There were plenty of BOGOF offers (buy one, get one free) in the Garden Centre of pots and plants and even pot plants, but most of the customers were content to do their shopping and browsing within the confines of the buildings due to the steady drizzle outside.

Hoping for an improvement in the weather I ventured onto Hassock Lane. Somewhere near this Lodge, built in 1860, at the corner of The Field, the road name changes from Hassock Lane North to Hassock Lane South.

Back on the other side of the road and a little nearer to Ilkeston, these cottages are not quite as old being built in 1898. I took this photo from the protection of a bus shelter as the rain continued to fall.
Public Footpath

Sheltering under a tree I looked across the road at a public footpath I had hoped to walk down by the side of Bentley's Plantation - the trees on the right. First I went a little further along Hassock Lane beyond the entrance to the theme park. The steady drizzle continued but full of optimism I was still hoping for an improvement.
American Adventure

This view should be familiar to visitors to the American Adventure but people who know the area well may remember the omnibus garage occupied the corner where the large sign now stands. At this point my optimism took a huge blow as the weather took a definite turn for the worse. With the rain now coming down in the proverbial "stair rods" I abandoned all thoughts of public footpaths and Bentley's Plantation, resolved to be a fine weather photographer and headed for some more shelter.

A Wet Hassock Lane

Drenched I made my way back to the car with one last look along Hassock Lane South. Some brave soul driving the car in the centre of the picture was turning right towards the theme park but I can't believe there were many visitors on a day like this - not unless they were as daft as me that is and didn't care about getting wet. But then this is England in August and it's what we've come to expect in summer. Mind you we shouldn't complain. The weather has been good this year and with talk of hose pipe bans in the south of the country, I'm sure the rain will be welcomed by the water companies - just a shame that it had to come at the weekend.

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