Wollaton - The Lombard Rally
w/e 27 November 2005
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Wollaton Hall

"Britain's Toughest Rally-Drive"Lombard Rally Special Stage StartThe Lombard Revival Rally 2005 passed through Nottingham on Friday with a special stage being held in Wollaton Park. The deer grazing in front of the Hall which is currently undergoing extensive restoration, seemed unperturbed as the cars sped along the narrow paths and tracks.
Kicking Up A Dust

From the start of the special stage the cars travelled along a short straight before performing a tight circle to reach the first check point kicking up the dust in the process.
Separate Ways

A closer view of another car midway through the circle while in the distance the red car (number 24) continues along an avenue lined by trees to the next check point. Two cars going their separate ways but heading for the same finishing line.
In The Headlights

Near the other end of the avenue the cars turned off at speed onto a dirt track. With only red and white tape strung across the tarmac this was not the safest place to be standing to take a photograph as the cars, some with headlights blazing, were hurtling straight at me so I was soon on my way.
Autumn Colours

Climbing the hill up to the Hall, the cars could still be seen - and heard - roaring through the trees. The trees were not the only hazard as the sun, now low in the sky and highlighting the lovely autumn colours of the park would add to the difficulties of the drivers as they approached another check point in front of the Hall.
Check Point

At that check point, Jamie Turner and Graham Dance in car number 47 had their card mark. Having already driven from Oxford to Nottingham, all the participants after completing this stage at Wollaton headed off to Chester for an overnight stay before continuing into Wales.

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