Dale Abbey - Off No Man's Lane
w/e 30 October 2005
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490
No Man's Lane Sign

Maywood Golf Club

The main access to Maywood Golf Club is off Rushey Lane at Risley but we reached it via a footpath from No Man's Lane on the high ground bounded by the Erewash and Derwent Valleys above Stanton By Dale. The views from the golf course also extend over Long Eaton across the Trent Valley to where the power station at Ratcliffe On Soar, some five miles distant as the proverbial crow flies, is clearly visible.

The Golf Club is one of the newer ones in the area being established as recently as 1990; prior to that the land that it now occupies was part of Maywood Farm. The field between the golf course and No Man's Lane through which the footpath runs is still farmed today and was full of a crop of what looked like young broad bean plants.
Trig Point

Hidden by the hedge where the path meets the lane is a trig point, one of over 6000 in the UK. Trig points or triangulation pillars (see Wikipedia article) were erected by the Ordnance Survey to give surveyors a reference point in the days before electronic positioning aids such as GPS were available. This one is now partly obscured by the hedge but the rather spooky looking dead tree is a good guide to its position.

A little further down the lane towards Dale Abbey a couple of flower filled pots and a tea pot sitting on an old coffee table provide an enchanting welcome at Sandiacre Lodge Farm.
The Midshires Way

The long distance footpath known as The Midshires Way runs by the side of the farm and even though these photos were taken on the warmest October day in the UK for over a hundred years, recent heavy rain had left the track waterlogged despite still being on relatively high ground.
Rolling Landscape

It was worth the walk along the track though for the fine vistas over the gently undulating contours of the rolling landscape in this part of south east Derbyshire. Cattle lying in the fields were perhaps a warning that further precipitation was on the way. And they were not wrong either!

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