Ilkeston - Around A Hidden Pond
w/e 31 July 2005
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Nutbrook Trail

There are two small ponds hidden between a disused railway embankment near Straw's Bridge Nature Reserve and the Nutbrook Trail. The easy access to the ponds is from the reserve under an old railway bridge but we decided to approach it from the opposite side by first walking a little way along the Nutbrook Trail. The Trail is a nine mile footpath between Long Eaton and Shipley and this image is close to the access from Straw's Bridge.
Pewit Golf Course

As we walked along the Trail, a gap and a style in the hedge revealed the municipal nine hole Pewit Golf Course with the Rutland Recreation Ground beyond.
Butterfly, Bee, Berry

Crossing the Nutbrook where it enters a culvert we followed a path across some unmade ground towards the ponds. Here there was an abundance of insect life with many butterflies fluttering around and bees busy on the thistles. Brambles were also exhibiting a good crop of berries although it will be a few weeks yet before they are ready for picking.
The Hidden Pond

Our first view of one of the ponds revealed a swan on the far side. The hidden ponds are far more secluded that the more popular Straw's Bridge Reserve which has become known as Swan Lake because of the numbers of swans that are to be found there. The Reserve attracts many visitors who bring food for the birds but here just a few yards away, the setting seem so much more natural and peaceful.

Perhaps one reason why it is quieter here is that a profusion of bulrushes shield one side on this pond and the other smaller pond is also protected by in a similar fashion.
Bottom's Up

Passing under the railway bridge at the embankment we returned to Straw's Bridge Nature Reserve where a number of the aforementioned birds were doing headstands in the water! Could this be the drinker's salutation similar to "Cheers" and "Down the hatch" of "Bottoms Up". Or perhaps it was just a comment to the passers by who were disturbing the peace and tranquillity!

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