Ilkeston - The Erewash Canal (near Potter's Lock)
w/e 23 May 2004

Birds On The Bank

Some fine weather tempted me away from the streets and buildings so often to be seen on this site but I didn't have to go too far to obtain some more natural scenes. The Erewash Canal runs along the eastern edge of the town and a short walk along the towpath from Station Road to Green Lane was sufficient to provide all the images on this page. I spotted a pair of ducks with their new family on the opposite bank, shielded from the housing of the Park Farm Estate by some well developed trees .

Looking back along the path where I had just walked the May blossom looked twice as pretty when reflected in the still waters of the canal.
Potter's Lock

At Potter's Lock, housing in the Larklands area of Ilkeston is more visible but still not intrusive.

Again looking back - I really should have walked from Green lane to Station Road to save all the turning round - a British Waterways sign provides information for both walkers and boat people. Potter's Lock is just visible from here under the bridge over the canal.

As I walked along the canal bank I startled, and was startled by, a heron. With a noisy flapping of wings it took off and flew away along the canal. By the time I took this picture, it was little more than a blur in the distance. Look carefully and you'll see it as a grey blur just to the left of centre.
Trains On The Right

This final view back along the canal of peace and tranquillity belies the fact that the main north-south railway line that passes Ilkeston is just beyond the trees on the right. But on a day like this who cares about passing trains? "He leadeth me beside the still waters" Psalm 23.

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