Ilkeston - By Request - Location, Location, Location
Six Locations, Six Pictures, A Host Of Memories
w/e 09 May 2004

 All of this week's images are as a result of emails sent to me mentioning the locations shown on the map on the left. The images were captured on several different days during last week and stretch from Cotmanhay in the north to Kirk Hallam and Hallam Fields in the south. If there is a particular area of the town, or in the vicinity that you would like to see, just drop me a line and I'll do my best to oblige.

Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

Cotmanhay Road

Location 1 - Jason from Blackpool wrote to say he had lived in Ilkeston between 1982 and 1990 spending most of his school life here. He enjoyed seeing pictures of the town centre and how Ilkeston has changed in the intervening years. Jason told me he lived across the road from one of the schools (Bennerley) he attended so I hope this picture of Cotmanhay Road will bring back some more memories.
Wash Meadow

Location 2 - Bob, who now lives halfway between Nottingham and Grantham in the Vale of Belvoir, still visits Ilkeston from time to time and like Jason, commented on the changes that have taken place in the town especially in the Rutland Street area. He remembers the railway station that stood nearby and the goods yard with a bridge over connecting North Street with Rutland Street. Visiting earlier this year he stood and looked at the back of the house where he was born on Mill Street across Wash Meadow . This is more commonly known as "Johnnies" and is where Bob used to play as a child. Future plans to build a link between Ilkeston's inner relief road and the Awsworth by-pass will surely mean more changes to this part of town.
Lord Haddon Road

Location 3 - Recent pictures on this site of the old Ilkeston Co-op brought the memories flooding back for Ruth in New Zealand who for many years lived on Lord Haddon Road. In particular she remembered the New Theatre which stood on the right hand side of the road towards the bottom of the hill in this picture. It had become a bingo hall before Ruth left and has now been demolished to be replaced by a nursing home.
Kniveton Park

Location 4 - Another email received recently came from Amy who visited the site looking for pictures of Kniveton Park. I'm not sure where Amy lives but she knows that Kniveton Park "has some beautiful old houses". This is just a small corner of Kniveton Park.
 Ridgeway Drive

Location 5 - Phillipa is another correspondent who has some fond memories of the area and of Dale Village in particular where she went to school. Phillipa used to live at Ridgeway Drive, Kirk Hallam and moved away in 1978. Although she has been back to Ilkeston it is at least ten years since her last visit but I don't imagine the appearance of Ridgeway Drive is all that different to the 1970s.
Frederick Avenue

Location 6 - Jan is another Ilkestonian who left his roots behind when he moved to Connecticut USA in 1962. His memories are mainly of the Hallam Fields part of town; of the Pioneer Club and his father playing the piano every Saturday and Sunday for more than thirty years between the 1930s and 1960s to accompany the various "turns" that appeared there; of the 'Stute, the bowling greens and the tennis courts were he often played; and of his life growing up at and around Frederick Avenue on the Middleton Estate, where his parents lived from when the estate was new in 1934 until their deaths in the 1970's. Seen here under a threatening sky, this is Frederick Avenue as viewed from Queens Avenue.

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