Ilkeston - Shipley View Estate & Shipley Wood
w/e 30 November 2003

Summerfields Way South

During the last forty or so years Ilkeston Hospital has moved from one site on Heanor Road to another and in that same period, land between the two sites and behind the existing buildings has seen quite a substantial residential development. Summerfields Way South is one of the newer parts of that development.
Shipley View

Huckerby Road too is part of the newer development but wherever you are on the estate or for that matter, anywhere in Ilkeston, views of the surrounding countryside are never very far away. The views in this part of town though are towards Shipley Country Park, the American Adventure Theme Park and, as seen here, Shipley Hill. This has given rise to the estate being known as Shipley View.
Hospital Entrance

At the northern end of the estate, beyond Shipley Common Lane, is the new hospital site and at the main entrance, access is also possible to Shipley Wood (right).
Shipley Wood

There are a number of paths and tracks through the woods and at this time of year, most of them are covered by fallen leaves to form a golden carpet. But even in late November, there is still a fair amount of green to be seen.

 At the far end of the wood where the path meets the access road to the American Adventure, all that can be seen of the hospital is the chimney to the right of centre in this picture. Houses on the Shipley View estate can be seen on the far right.
Three Counties

From a similar vantage point, the skyline over the estate (middle distance) shows three counties. From left to right, the tower of St Mary's Church and the spire of the United Reformed Church (both to the left of centre) are in Derbyshire whilst the steam clouds further to the right are from the Ratcliffe on Soar Power Station in Nottinghamshire. Finally on the extreme right behind the tree, is the hill at Castle Donington in Leicestershire which is the home of the East Midlands Airport.

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