Moorgreen - High Park Wood and the Reservoir
w/e 22 June 2003

  Beauvale Lodge

A short walk into High Park Wood near Moorgreen started close to Beauvale Lodge.
Fenced footpath

The tarmac roadway soon gave way to this fenced footpath through the wood.
A Glimpse Of Water

The path runs along the eastern side of Moorgreen Reservoir and occasional glimpses of the water were visible between the trees.

High Park Wood is a mixed deciduous and conifer woodland and on a sunny afternoon was filled with bird song.
Lush Undergrowth

Among the lush undergrowth, foxgloves added a touch of colour to the verdant landscape as we retraced our steps through the wood.
Moorgreen Reservoir

Back near the start of our walk, the whole expanse of the reservoir that for the most part had been hidden from our view could be seen from the road. The reservoir was constructed at the end of the eighteenth century. Based on an incident in 1892, it was used by the author D. H. Lawrence, born in nearby Eastwood, as the location for the drowning tragedy in his novel "Women In Love".

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