West Hallam - Beech Lane
w/e 01 June 2003

The White Hart

The abundance of fine weather this weekend has sent many people scurrying to the beach. I was no exception but my destination was a little closer to home - Beech Lane at West Hallam. So if you'd like to join me, our walk will start on a corner of Station Road opposite Beech Lane at the White Hart.
Property For Sale

As we start along Beech Lane, two properties on the right are for sale - sorry one is for sale and one is sold. If you want to make an offer on the other, you'll probably have to get in quick.

The sound of leather on willow and muffled cries of "Howzat" are a prelude to the most quintessential of English pastimes that is revealed by a gap in the hedgerow - white clad players on a green sward so common throughout the land of Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Cricket!
Beech Lane From School Square

We soon reach the other end of Beech Lane seen here from School Square. Apart from the television aerials, satellite dishes and double glazing this scene has changed little for many years. Flowers around the doors provide a cheery welcome.
The Village

Even more flowers here as we leave Beech Lane behind and progress into The Village.
St Wilfrid's Church

And we finish our walk by turning right through a fine pair of gates to walk up the leafy drive to St Wilfrid's Church. Almost three o'clock so it's off home now for a spot of gardening before tea.

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