Bramcote - Stapleford Hill & The Hemlock Stone
w/e 09 March 2003

Stapleford Hill

The Grand Old Duke of York, so goes the rhyme, marched 10,000 men up to the top of a hill and then back down again. I don't know why he did that but following his example I resolved to ascend Stapleford Hill. My reason was to sample the reputedly good views from the top.
Hemlock Stone

Half way up I passed the Hemlock Stone - a 30 foot high sandstone pillar that according to legend was thrown here by a giant.
Eerie Landscape
Continuing past the Hemlock Stone I was faced with a choice of paths and tracks through the trees and all of them led to the top. The sunlight highlighting the bark on the trees created an eerie landscape.
Triangulation Point

Nearing the summit it was clear that Gav, Stu, Matt and Andy (among others) had got there before me and had left their marks to prove it on the triangulation point. How very sad!
 Summit Post

Fortunately the summit post had escaped their attention and it remained standing unscathed.
The View From Stapleford Hill

And so to the view. I read somewhere that there was a good view of the turrets at Wollaton Hall from here and even though, with difficulty, it can be made out through the branches of the trees, when the leaves appear there will be no chance whatsoever. Looking in the opposite direction to Wollaton, this is probably the best of the views - over Swancar Farm, Trowell and Ilkeston to Crich and Derbyshire beyond. And now I understand the Grand Old Duke. When you've reached the top, the only way is down!

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