Newdigate To Hassock Lane - Part 02
w/e 05 February 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

For this second half of the walk from West Hallam to Shipley, we pick up the route again shortly after Woodside Farm and pass the buildings marked on maps as Lodge Farm.

Coffee Shop

The lane joins the Nutbrook Trail at the building seen in the distant left which is the Nutbrook Coffee Shop. This is open four days each week, Friday to Monday, during the summer but is currently open only at weekends. When we have visited previously we had a choice of warming tea, coffee or chocolate but as our walk was on a Tuesday our only choice was whether to go left or right.
Nutbrook Trail

We opted to go left and still within the bounds of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust's Nature Reserve followed the Nutbrook Trail northwards towards Shipley Hill.
Dogs & Horses

We soon reached another junction in the paths and were greeted by a couple of horse riders and their dogs. To the right at the junction is the way to the car park at the former American Adventure Theme Park but we turned left leaving the area of the Trust's jurisdiction and stayed on the Nutbrook Trail.
Overflow Pond

Immediately after turning the Trail crosses an overflow channel from Shipley Lake where, with the mist descending again, was this atmospheric view of the overflow pond.
Shipley Lake

Peering through the mesh fence that surrounds the former Theme Park site across the expanse of Shipley Lake the area looks rather desolate. Although there are plans to redevelop the area, at the moment it has been left alone to nature and the wildlife.
Up Shipley Hill

The Trail now begins to rise up Shipley Hill and another path to the left climbs to the top of the hill and the Shipley Hall site but our route was straight ahead along the Trail. Some dead leaves that had not fallen added an unexpected touch of colour.
Down Again

I said this was an undulating walk and after rising part way up Shipley Hill the Nutbrook Trail now drops again to where we mat a lady with five dogs.
Dogs, sculpture, fingerpost, Dog Kennel Lane

There were two Labradors, a cross breed and two Sussex spaniels a rare breed which until a concerted effort by breeders was close to extinction just a few years ago. Apparently the breed was (is) rarer the the giant panda. After stopping to make a fuss of all the dogs we walked on past one of three sculptures along the Trail to join Dog Kennel Lane which is the next part of the Nutbrook Trail. A fingerpost points back up Dog Kennel Lane to the Hall site but we went the opposite way. Notice the robin on the fence.


We expected the robin to fly away as we approached but instead it flew to the top of the post and waited whilst I took its photo. It even turned and posed as if to say "This is my best side."
Dog Kennel Lane

At the crossing of another water course, it's now a steady climb to the end of the walk. The dog kennels belonging to the Miller Mundy family, former owners of the Hall, after which Dog Kennel Lane is named stood to the right near here.
The Field

Where Dog Kennel Lane meets a built up area of houses, cottages, Parish Rooms and a school among other buildings, the Nutbrook Trail turns to the left to continue through Shipley Country Park to Heanor. We however continued through the built up area contrarily named The Field - you know Derbyshire folk like to be different - to Hassock Lane North and a bus back home.

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