Cossall & Strelley - Part 01
w/e 05 June 2011
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

This walk around Cossall and Strelley is one of "100 Walks in Nottinghamshire" compiled by Malcolm Sales and in his book that details the routes roughly in order of length, it is listed at number 40 in a batch of five mile walks between numbers 37 and 57.

The route starts in Cossall Village at Robinettes Lane (above left) and the first mile or so follows a bridle road in a south easterly direction to pass under the M1 motorway (above right). We covered this section way back in September 2005 and images from that walk can be seen in "Scenes From A Bridle Road"

Robin Hood Way

So, picking up the route on the other side of the motorway, the bridle road rises up a gentle incline to meet and follow part of the long distance footpath, the Robin Hood Way, in a north easterly direction to Strelley village. The bow and arrow symbol on the fence indicates the way to go and the small wooded area on the left is Straw's Plantation whilst views ahead are over the city of Nottingham.

A gap in the trees reveals the top of Catstone Hill and the Severn Trent Water reservoir that was originally built for the Nottingham Corporation Waterworks.
Dry Conditions

The path which is well used by walkers, horse riders and cyclists follows the gentle undulations of the landscape but the dry conditions that have prevailed for the spring months of March, April and May were evident not only in the dusty surface but also in the growth of the crops in the arable fields which were in desperate need of water.
The "Z" Tree

There was no reason for this image taken at the boundary of two fields other than the unusual shape of the trunk which resembled a "Z" or the number 2.
Wollaton Hall

A large building is visible to the right along much of the path and zooming in across the fields and the rooftops shows that it is the impressive façade of Wollaton Hall. The large chimney seen to the left of the Hall is in the grounds of the University's Highfields campus.
Nottingham Views

At a T-junction we need to turn in a northerly direction to reach Strelley but a gap in the hedge at the junction reveals more of Nottingham to the east over the suburbs of Bilborough and Aspley.

The dry conditions don't seem to have affected the grass, weeds, hedges, trees and sundry plants too badly and the path from here is flanked on both sides by plenty of green growth.
Scramble Path

Along this section there are several of what I would call "scramble paths" to the top of Catstone Hill but the official entrance with vehicular access is a little further along towards Strelley.
Church Tower

The path continues to rise gently alongside Catstone Hill but when it does level off, the first glimpse of the tower of the church in Strelley comes into view and is just visible in the centre of this image.
Into Strelley

The path joins the main road into Strelley opposite the moat and from here we continue along the Robin Hood Way through the village along the same route as described elsewhere on this site in Part 6 of The Monks Way series. In the next part of this walk we will resume from where Part 6 ends to continue northwards to Swingate.
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