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All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Day Three - The End Is Nigh

It's now Advent and Christmas will soon be upon us. As I write this, the sun is shining from a clear blue sky and there's been a hard frost. It's freezing outside but there's still a final selection of images to share from our break in Scarborough in July this year.

Foreshore Road

It's Wednesday afternoon and the end of our holiday is nigh but we made our way to the end of Valley Road and found that Foreshore Road had been closed to normal traffic in one direction to all but official vehicles.
Official Vehicles

Despite the road closure many official looking vehicles were being allowed through including cars, coaches and mini-buses.
Queen's Baton Relay

The Queen was still alive and the Commonwealth Games had not yet started and many of the vehicles were emblazoned with logos proclaiming the Queen's Baton Relay. This was the start of the Scarborough leg.
Photo Shoot

With The Spa forming the backdrop, the starting point for this leg of the relay was at the Blue Roundabout at the end of Foreshore Road. Local media, residents and holidaymakers alike were all there to record the event as the support workers applauded the first runner.
First Runner

After the photo shoot that first runner, who was visually impaired, was accompanied to the middle of the carriageway that was now closed to all traffic.
Relay Underway

Then he set off on his leg of the relay around the South Bay following yet another of those support vehicles and accompanied by a number of support workers.
From Valley Bridge

We followed for a little way and then returned to our temporary home after a walk through the town, this time crossing the Valley Bridge. From here we had a good view of some of the locations that we had enjoyed during the three days - the Grand Hotel on the left, the Cliff Bridge we had crossed several times and the harbour and various piers we had visited on successive days.
The Spa

It wasn't the last time we saw the South Bay though as we ventured out again as the sun was setting and spent a little while on the cliffs above The Spa.
Seafront Lights

It was also a good place to see the lights along the seafront but even in the hot summer it felt decidedly cool up here on the cliff top.

Classic Scarborough

So with one last look at the classic view of the resort over the South Bay we turned away from the view of the headland between the North and South Bays. We had one more night in Scarborough and on the Thursday we returned home after bidding farewell to the town ... until next time.


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