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w/e 24 July 2022
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Day One - To The Seafront

It's been quite a number of years since we were last able to go away on holiday but we've recently returned from a few days in the Yorkshire seaside resort of Scarborough. The town isn't totally unfamiliar to us as we've been there many times in the past. My parents first took me there as a child and my wife also enjoyed family holidays there. Then after we were married we had two holidays in a caravan on the North Yorkshire Moors just north of Scarborough and later enjoyed several long weekends at the Late Spring Bank Holiday in the town itself. But that was back in the 1970s and 80s. Since then, like everywhere else, some things have changed so these few days away were a journey of rediscovery.

Valley Road

We arrived in Scarborough on a Monday in July and after booking in to our accommodation took a walk down to the seafront along Valley Road.
Cliff Bridge

At the end of Valley Road the harbour came into view under the Cliff Bridge.

The harbour wasn't the only thing to come into view under the bridge for as we passed beneath the structure we could see - and hear - the many gulls that had taken up residence above.
Castle Hill

As we reached the seafront the unmistakable sight of Castle Hill greeted us at the far end of the South Bay. Some things in Scarborough may have changed but this view isn't one of them.
The Beach

We were surprised to see so many children on the beach given that the schools hadn't broken up for their summer break but we later saw a line of coaches so assumed that the groups of children had arrived on them for an end of term day trip with their teachers.

The Grand Hotel

Another feature on the landscape that we remember well from previous visits is The Grand Hotel which has stood here overlooking the beach since it opened as "the largest and handsomest hotel in Europe" in 1867.
Foreshore Road

A little way along Foreshore Road from the hotel is something that we don't remember from those previous visits and that is the Big Wheel. If memory serves me right, there used to be a cinema or theatre that stood on or very near to the site that the wheel now occupies.
Open Top Bus

Although there is no longer a theatre, there are plenty of other places on Foreshore Road designed to keep visitors entertained. Bus companies also ply their trade in the town and open top vehicles are also popular.
Harbour Bar

Foreshore Road becomes Sandside where Eastborough from the town centre meets the seafront. It was good to see the Harbour Bar, one of the first business on Sandside, was still open and selling ice cream to the masses. It opened here on August Bank Holiday Monday in 1945 and it was a place we always enjoyed visiting on our previous holidays. It would later in this holiday be on our itinerary again.

We didn't go much further along Southside but turned back to return to our accommodation. We hadn't seen any Daleks, Cybermen or other aliens on our walk but wondered if they were about somewhere and whether Dr Who was in town too. Is that the Tardis? We hoped it was just an old Police Box - but you never know, do you?


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