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Uploaded w/e 31 July 2022
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Day Two - To The Shops

Day 2 of our holiday, Tuesday, our first full day in the town, again saw us heading for the seafront like the previous afternoon. This time though we took a different route and our morning walk first of all saw us heading towards the shops in the town centre.

Cliff Bridge

Instead of heading under the Cliff Bridge, this time with the Grand Hotel visible on the other side we took the path over it.

From the bridge we could see the whole length of Foreshore Road and Sandside where we had walked the previous afternoon. Compared to then the beach was almost completely deserted.

I'd also given the old Kodak camera an outing and zooming in, could see the lower terminus just beyond the open top bus of the Cliff Lift, or Tramway as it is called and then all the attractions and entertainment along the seafront.
The Beach

On the beach the beginnings of an artwork were being drafted and it would be a race against time to complete it before the incoming tide washed it away again.
St Nicholas Gardens

We made our way from the bridge and past the Grand Hotel and upper terminus of the Tramway to the St Nicholas Gardens that continue all the way down the cliff to the seafront.

Queen Victoria Statue

A statue of Queen Victoria is a focal point in the gardens which are overlooked by the Town Hall. The statue is Grade II listed and is one of the seven surviving bronze copies of eight made from the original marble statue by Charles Bell Birch (1832 - 1893) first commissioned in 1887 for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. It was restored in 2018.
St Nicholas Street

Flags to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of our present Queen, Elizabeth II, were still strung across the road as we continued past the Town Hall's grand entrance along St Nicholas Street to its junction with Newborough. The Town Hall which is also Grade II listed was originally built about 1846 for John Woodall, a banker and was purchased by Scarborough Corporation in 1899.

We turned left at Newborough (walking away from the seafront) into the pedestrianised shopping area. Unlike many towns these days, there were not very many empty premises at all and there was a good mix of large national stores and smaller independent shops.
Bar Street

There were also a number of interesting side streets like Bar Street that probably merit further investigation at another time but we continued along Newborough for a little way which than becomes Westborough.

Our objective this morning though was the West Pier so we turned tail and headed all the way back along Newborough to start the descent to the seafront along Eastborough.


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