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All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Day Two - To The West Pier

As we continued our morning walk on the second day of our holiday, Tuesday 12th July, in Scarborough, we followed Eastborough from the town centre down the hill to the seafront.


On the way we passed several shops where the windows were full of souvenirs and gifts.

Others had racks of postcards which left us in no doubt about where we were. In this technological age of emails and instant messaging, I pondered whether anyone actually sends postcards any more whilst on holiday. But then I remembered I still had a large postcard collection of my own at home purchased from places I had visited so I resisted the temptation to buy any more and carried on down the hill.
Mariners' House

Partway down the hill a narrow road called Merchant's Row loops off on the right, the seaward side, and these two similar views show the Mariners' House and the sea view beyond. The Mariners' House was built in the early 1700s and with tales of links to smuggling in the past it is now a hotel boasting fabulous sea views.

The other end of Merchant's Row comes out onto Eastborough opposite a small paved area with seats and a variety of notice boards advertising local attractions. The seats also provide the opportunity for visitors returning from the seafront to rest their weary legs before continuing up the hill into the town centre!
Lifeboat Steps

A little further down the hill is a short cut to the seafront and the Lifeboat Station via an alley (or maybe it's called a ginnel or even a snicket in this part of the world) called Lifeboat Steps but we carried on down Eastborough.
West Sandgate

And at the bottom of Eastborough where the road swings to the right to meet the seafront, West Sandgate rises up on the left passing The Frigate Restaurant at no. 2 to the picturesque and Grade II listed Wilsons Pub at no. 6. Formerly the Leeds Hotel, the building which dates 1692 although significant alterations were made around 1900, changed its name to Wilsons in 2014.

Well it had taken a while on this Tuesday morning to reach the seafront but once there, we crossed the road and made our way onto the West Pier for a good view across the channel into the harbour of the lighthouse and the Diving Belle statue at the end of the Old Pier.
Bathing Belle

The Diving Belle is one half of a pair of sculptures commissioned by Scarborough Civic Trust in 2007. The other half of the two, the Bathing Belle, is located in the Westborough shopping precinct in the town centre. Both were sculpted by the artist Craig Knowles.


Whilst on the pier and looking for interesting subjects to photograph like this pile of rope, I noticed an unusual vessel leaving the harbour.

On The MereEmploying the zoom lens I could make out that the name on the stern was that of the pirate ship Hispaniola but I'd already suspected that from the skull and crossbones on the flag. The Hispaniola takes holidaymakers on daily trips around the bay and advertising suggest that they may see a variety of marine life including seals, dolphins and porpoises. The sight of the Hispaniola reminded me of when my parents took me to Scarborough many years ago. We had a trip on a "pirate" ship then (that's Mum and me on the right) on The Mere near Oliver's Mount and disembarked on a sandy beach to scrabble in the sand to find buried treasure. Some other children found a coin or two but I left empty handed!


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