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All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Day Three - To The Old Pier

Wednesday morning was quite busy on Foreshore Road with a lot of people like us just wandering ialong the seafront enjoying the sunshine and the holiday atmosphere.

Harbour Bar

We paused only briefly to look in the shops and amusement arcades but after crossing Eastborough into Sandside we stopped at the Harbour Bar and were tempted by the vanilla ice cream cones with a lemon topping. They were delicious and a repeat will be high on the list of things to do when in Scarborough again.

We continued all the way along Sandside passing more bars, cafes and gift shops and the crowds appeared to have thinned but many people were still about on the other side of the road looking at the boats in the harbour.

Toll House

At the end of Sandside the road continues around the headland as Marine Drive which was built in 1908. Originally it was built as a toll road and the one penny fee, which raised nearly £1900 in its first year, was collected at the toll house, the building in the centre of the picture. Tolls were suspended for pedestrians during the Second World War and for vehicles in 1950 but the building remains.
Old Harbour

We walked on to the Old Pier which runs between the Old Harbour and the East Harbour. Looking over the Old Harbour we could see not only the West Pier where we had walked the previous day, but also beyond that we could follow our route from the Valley Bridge past the imposing Grand Hotel, St Nicholas Gardens, the Big Wheel and all the way along Foreshore Road and Sandside. It was also the place to read about Albert Strange. A pontoon is a flat-bottomed boat and Albert was a foremost designer of small sailing craft. But boats were only his hobby and his profession was Head of the Government-sponsored School of Art in Scarborough. He is mostly remembered though for his yacht designs and was a founder member of the Scarborough Sailing Club which now has its headquarters at the lighthouse - which was where we were heading.
Landing Stage

I crossed to the other side of the Old Pier where an old landing stage stands in the East Harbour. All the boats moored here though were stranded until the tide came in again.
Dockside Crane

Towards the end of the Old Pier a dockside crane overlooks the East Harbour and beyond that a drawbridge over a channel into the East Harbour crosses to Vincent's Pier where the lighthouse stands.

Vincent's Pier is an L-shaped structure built in 1752 across the mouth of East Harbour. After walking over the drawbridge, now seen here on the right, I continued past the lighthouse to the far end of Vincent's Pier and took this photo looking back. The lighthouse was severely damaged in 1914 by a German bombardment and had to be dismantled but it was rebuilt in 1931.
East Harbour

There was quite a cool sea breeze blowing on the pier but before returning to the lighthouse I took a number of shots of the East Harbour including this one showing the East Pier on the right and the Old Pier on the left. On the extreme right is the second entrance into the harbour which, unlike the first one, doesn't have a drawbridge across it.
Old Pier

We returned down the Old Pier passing several visitor attractions and businesses on the way.
Regal Lady

One such business was centred on the pleasure boat Regal Lady. A Scarborough resident and businesswoman, Angela Samples, died during the pandemic. She was not only well-known for her Hat Shop Boutique but also for her voluntary and charity work. Her younger son Heath bought the Regal Lady in 2019. He has dedicated it to his mother and converted it into a Dunkirk-themed museum.


As well as a "Dunkirk 1940" plaque, the yellow funnel on the boat carries the inscription shown above. From the end of the pier we retraced our footsteps along Sandside to find somewhere for lunch - and what could be better at the seaside than some locally caught fish and chips? Answer - "Not a lot."


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