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Uploaded w/e 20 November 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Day Three - Through St Nicholas Gardens

As I sit to prepare this page for uploading in November, I'm reflecting on the four months since our break in Scarborough. We have a new Monarch on the Throne, we're on our third Prime Minister and the long scorching days of summer have been replaced by Amber Weather and Flash Flood warnings. Back in July it was a touch cooler on the coast as the rest of the country sweltered and Tuesday morning had been cloud covered but as we set out for our walk on Wednesday it was under a clear blue sky.

South Bay

Initially we followed the same route as the previous day over the Cliff Bridge and enjoyed some wonderful views over the South Bay to the harbour. On Tuesday we had walked via the shops to the West Pier and our objective today was the Old Pier and the lighthouse.
Rotunda Museum

Crossing the bridge this time though, we also looked to the other side and saw the Rotunda Museum, the "Museum of Coastal Heritage and Geology". The large white building behind is the Bike and Boot Inn which, according to Google, is a "Cool hotel with dining & dog grooming".

On the other side of the bridge we once again passed the Grand Hotel, pausing only to read the plaques on the wall. From top to bottom they commemorate Anne Brontë, who died in a house on this site on May 28th, 1849; the RAF Aircrew Trainees who were stationed in the hotel between 1942 and 1944 and the citizens who contributed to victory in the air, and at the bottom, a plaque on the Scarborough Heritage Trail that states that the Grand Hotel, once Europe's largest, has been a landmark on the south bay since 1867.

Between the Grand Hotel and St Nicholas Gardens is the upper terminus of the cliff lift or as it is called here, the Tramway.There's also a paved area which affords a good viewing point over the south bay.
Viewing Point

It was at that viewing point back in 1976 that I took some 35mm slides including this inset. The passage of time has not been kind to the slides and they have deteriorated over the years but the views over the Tramway to the harbour are still the same.
St Nicholas Gardens

On Tuesday when we had reached St Nicholas Gardens we had turned left to head for the shops before going down to the seafront. This time we opted to walk through the gardens and down the cliff. We could of course have taken the Tramway but decided it was easier to walk down and take the tram back up on our return.
Zig-zag Path

We zigged and zagged down the cliff via paths and steps first one way towards the Big Wheel ....
Grand Hotel

... and then the other towards the Grand Hotel.
Garden Exit

We eventually reached the bottom and exited the gardens onto Foreshore Road passing some beautiful flower beds on the way.
Foreshore Road

We then followed Foreshore Road again in front of all the shops, amusements, hotels, cafes and restaurants as we made our way towards the harbour.


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