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Uploaded w/e 09 October 2022
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Day Two - On Peasholm Island
We'd decided on a relaxing afternoon in Peasholm Park and had found a quiet spot to sit and watch the world go by. But my itchy feet soon got the better of me and I walked all the way around the lake.

Peasholm Island Access

Reaching where we had first entered the park I carried on again along the same path towards that quiet spot but this time I paused at the footbridge over the lake to Peasholm Island.
Over The Bridge

Not only did I pause at the bridge but decided to cross it too. The scene on the famous willow pattern plate had originally been the inspiration for the design of Peasholm Park but the blue and white colouring of the plate has been replaced by yellow and red.
Narrow Path

I walked around the lake in a clockwise direction along wide paths and once on the island I continued in a clockwise direction but the path was much narrower, and was bounded in places by red and yellow fences.

Flower Filled Boat

Across the water I could see people sitting on the terracing we had walked past earlier. This is where many people sit to watch the boats in the Naval Warfare Battles that are staged three times a week during the summer. The flower filled boat is not one of them.

I carried on to the waterfall that cascades down from the top of the island.

And looking up I could see the pagoda that sits at the top. There are paths leading up to the pagoda but that was not something I intended doing this time.

I carried on around the island and saw at close quarters the model of the wharf that features in the battle re-enactments.
Battle Boats

There are actually two islands in the lake and they are separated by a channel which is where the boats used in the battles are moored. I can't help feeling it must be quite claustrophobic for the people who are encased in them during the performances. I think they were once described as "floating coffins".
Picnic Area

The path continues around the foot of the island and the lake narrows to become more river or canal-like as the dragon boats sedately float past. A picnic area was only being used by a large gull!

Eventually I reached the bridge again and crossed it to resume the walk around the lake to return to the quiet spot and spend a little more time sitting and relaxing. The sign on the bridge advises all boats to pass under the centre arch but I wondered how many dragons have crashed into the bridge.

South Bay

After our afternoon in Peasholm Park and much later on in the day, we had a run out to the cliff top above the South Bay as the sun was setting over Scarborough - a prelude to a lovely third day still to come.

If you would like to learn more about Peasholm Park, there's a
website here.


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