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Uploaded w/e 02 October 2022
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Day Two - In Peasholm Park
It was still only the second day of our holiday (Tuesday 12th July) but we had already done a fair bit of walking and sightseeing so decided on a relaxing afternoon.

Peasholm Park

And that afternoon took us to one of Scarborough's long standing attractions, Peasholm Park.
Bridge to Island

We walked though the park to about half way round the lake passing the bridge to the island and seeing many dragon boats on the way.
Putting Green

We also passed the putting green, various flower beds and the landing stage for the boats.

Looking back across the lake as we passed in front of the terrace, we could see the landing stage towards the left of this image whilst the other similar, closer structure in the lake is the bandstand.


It was also from in front of the terrace that we could see the pagoda on the top of the hill on the island and the water cascading down. The terrace was well populated but even more people would have been there the previous day to view the Naval Warfare Battle which is staged on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays during July and August. We'd missed the Monday performance and wouldn't be here on the Thursday but could still see the model of the harbour (bottom left) that features in the show.

We found a quite secluded spot just beyond the terrace to sit and watch the world go by but my itchy feet soon got the better of me and I carried on around the lake crossing a footbridge over Peasholm Beck which feeds into the lake.
Wishing Well

Peasholm Glen leads off to the left but I left exploration of that for another time and continued to the right past the Wishing Well and around the edge of the lake.

It appears that this side of the lake is a favourite spot for the birds and the flower beds have been protected with post and wire fences.
Dragon Boats

As I walked along the lakeside, there was an almost endless stream of the dragon boats circumnavigating the island.
Flower Bed

And looking back over another of those protected flower beds near to where we had first entered the park, the boats kept on a-coming.


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