Walking For Health
Cotmanhay Loop - Part 01
w/e 28 April 2024
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

In the first decade of this century we walked nearly every week with the Monday Strollers' Walking For Health Group and this route to and from Cotmanhay was regularly included in the programme of walks. It's been some years though since we followed the route so it will be interesting to see if anything has changed.

Leisure Centre

Like many other routes followed by the WFH group, the walk starts at the Victoria Park Leisure Centre. Actually when we walked with the group, the walkers assembled on the car park behind the Centre and exited on to Manor Road. We began this walk at the side of the Centre on Manners Avenue.

Manners Avenue

It's only takes a few steps along Manners Avenue before it is joined by Manor Road from where we continued straight ahead into the industrial estate.
Recycling Centre

We walked along Manners Avenue and then turned right to pass the Household Waste Recycling Centre (commonly known as "The TIp").
Footpath Barrier

Just past the "Tip", a footpath leads off to the left. The route so far is the same covered by the first two images in the Shipley Linear route that we walked in January 2022.
Industrial Units

After following the footpath for a little way another path leads off to the right and it's here that there is a significant change from our Shipley Linear walk two years ago. In the interim two large industrial units have not only been erected but they are both occupied too. Compare this image with third one down on the
Shipley Linear walk.
Pedestrian Crossing

Between the two new units a vehicular access has been created with a pedestrian crossing and the footpath now has been given a tarmac surface.
To Boweswell Road

The path sweeps round the end of the shared routes and this is where they diverge. The Shipley route turns to the left to the Abbotsford Community Centre and the Shipley View Estate whilst the Cotmanhay route, which we followed, continues ahead onto the Boweswell Road Estate, most of which was built in the early 1930s.
Peveril Drive

The path comes out on to a short extension to Bosewell Road which continues on the right to Heanor Road. Ahead is Peveril Drive which loops round in a semi-circle back to Bosewell Road. Our route continued to Peveril Drive.
Rose Avenue

We walked nearly all the way round Peveril Drive but shortly before it rejoins Boweswell Road we turned into the short cul-de-sac that is Rose Avenue.
Heanor Road

A footpath, still called Rose Avenue, leads from the end of the cul-de-sac to a track which may also be called Rose Avenue although I've seen one map where it is labelled Jessie Lane. Whatever it is called, continuing straight on brings you out on Heanor Road opposite Granby Junior School. The route now crosses Heanor Road and into Charlotte Street where the former Methodist church standing on the opposite corner is now home to Ilkon, the home of Ilkeston Contemporary Arts.
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