Walking For Health
The Shipley Common Loop - Part 01
w/e 10 April 2016
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

We first began walking with the Monday Strollers Walking For Health group shortly after I had retired. We had seen a list of walks posted on a wall in a local cafe whilst we sat drinking coffee and although we didn't have any health problems we joined the group for a little exercise and it gave us a reason every Monday morning to go out and walk around the local area. In time we became committee members and I even devised a couple of new routes for the group to follow. Over time however the walks became somewhat repetitive and we were getting all the exercise we needed walking the dog every day so we left the group and it's a number of years since we have followed some of the regular routes. So long in fact that, as several of the routes are in the same area, they had merged together in my memory and I had to have a reminder from one of the walk leaders (thank you Pat) as to the exact routes of several of the walks. This is one of them.

Leisure Centre

The majority of the Monday Strollers' walks begin on the forecourt of the Victoria Park Leisure Centre. Some head off through the park but this one goes by the side of the building, though the car park to Manor Road.
Post Box

Manor Rd/Manners RdPublic FootpathA left turn takes it up Manor Road to its junction with Manners Road (left) where a right turn takes it into the Manners Industrial Estate. After a couple of hundred yards a big red post box and a sign to the Recycling Centre mark the point where the route leaves the industrial estate to pick up a public footpath (right) which we follow to Shipley View housing estate.
Skate Park

The path skirts round the north east side of the industrial estate and soon passes to the south and west of the Manners Playing Fields and Skate Park. The return part of the route passes to the north east of the playing fields from where the Skate Park can be seen in the distance.
Into Shipley View

At the south eastern corner of the playing fields another path leads off into the Shipley View Estate and this is the one we follow on this walk.
Mason Road Crossing

The route crosses Mason Road to pick up the continuation of the path on the other side.
Green Artery

Gently sloping downhill, the path and the grass verges form a green artery through the estate. Using the same analogy, if the greenway on the outward leg of the route is an artery, the return half of the walk though jittys and alleyways which we will see in Part 02 can be likened to the veins of the estate.
Muddy Patch

At the bottom of the slope we encountered a muddy patch which brought back memories of the times we had walked this route with the Strollers. It always seems to be wet here! Something that we were not expecting though was the building site on the green on the other side of Barling Drive. The designated route however was to the left of the site by the side of the hedge.
Closed Footpath

When we reached there though we had another surprise. The footpath was closed and with it our access to the Nutbrook Trail. We should have carried on along this path to the Nutbrook Trail, turned right and followed the Trail for a little way before regaining the estate at Atherton Road.
Pentridge Road

Instead we had to find an alternative route which entailed walking along Pentridge Road and crossing Cheriton Drive and Wainfleet Close before reaching Atherton Road. This shortened the route slightly so instead of being about two and three quarter miles it was probably nearer two and a half. (Walking For Health routes are usually about three miles in length).
Atherton Road

The planned route would have reached Atherton Road on a footpath at the side of the house in the centre of this picture and then proceeded up the pavement to reach and cross Pentridge Road and it's from there that we'll continue in Part 02.

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To see a map/aerial view of the original planned route in a new window follow this link.

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