Autumn Footprints 2021 - Around Crich Stand continued
w/e 17 October 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

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At the top of the hill we paused to survey the surrounding countryside and over to the south west we could see the masts on similar high ground at Alport some five miles distant.
Shuckstone Lane

Our route though continued a little further north down the hill again to follow Shuckstone Lane for a short distance to the buildings at Shuckstone Fields Farm.
Shuckstone Fields Farm

Passing the farm we admired the flower displays and then turned off the road to walk in the fields behind the buildings to the location of the stone after which the farm is named.
Group Photo

We gathered briefly for a group photo at the Shuckstone and learned a little of its history. It was the base of a cross and letters C and A on it are thought to show the boundary between Crich and Ashover. It is thought to have been moved during the passage of time from its original position but is mentioned in the Domesday Survey and near here an earthen pot of copper Roman coins was found in 1788. If you are interested in finding out more about the Shuckstone there's a feature about it on the Crich website at:
Open Countryside

Resuming our social distancing we continued past the stone across the open countryside to start the return to Crich Village.

Crich Stand

Zooming across the fields this shot makes the Sherwood Foresters Regiment Memorial (Crich Stand) seem much closer than it was but shows its prominent position on the high ground above the quarry.
Dry Stone Wall

Not quite sure how the vehicle arrived at this point but at the boundary between two fields, two men were hard at work repairing a dry stone wall.
Wakebridge Farm

Our route then took us alongside Wakebridge Wood to pass Wakebridge Farm which stands on the site of an old Manor House.

The track we were following brought us out onto Leashaw and after passing a few properties at Wakebridge we turned off to head towards Crich Carr.

Leashaw continues to reach Cromford Road at the entrance to the Tramway Village but our route towards Crich Carr took us to more open countryside before returning to Crich Village Market Place to conclude the walk. The cottage we had passed at the start of the walk can be seen here behind the row of cars on the left.
Route Map

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