Autumn Footprints 2021 - Around Crich Stand
w/e 10 October 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

I usually take part in 4 or 5 walks each week during the Autumn Footprints Festival and choose from about 40 that are on offer. Understandably when the Festival returned this year the number of walks available during the 16 days was reduced to 29 which obviously means that there was more than one walk on some of the days. During the lockdowns my physical fitness significantly deteriorated and although I am now regaining some of it, I was a little daunted by the length of some of the walks so I discounted several of the longer more strenuous ones. I also discounted the really short ones and the Nordic Walking trials plus some of those I had walked in previous Festivals. In the end I only took part in 3 of the walks available although during the two weeks, I did manage two more 5 mile walks that were not actually part of the Autumn Footprints programme - but more of that later.


The first walk I did in this year's Festival was
The Launch Walk in Shipley Country Park but these images all come from another walk "Around Crich Stand" on Tuesday 21st September. Twelve of us set off from Crich Market Place passing in front of this cottage to turn right at the footpath signpost onto the Recreation Ground.
Wheatsheaf Lane

We left the Recreation Ground and continued up Coast Hill passing Wheatsheaf Lane. We could have cut through here to Cromford Road but as that is a busy road leading up from the Market Place towards the Tramway Museum we continued along Coast Hill to the open countryside west of the village.
Tramway Bridge

Our first objective was to be on the east side of Cromford Road so we turned down a track and over an old bridge crossing the route of the dismantled tramway that used to run from the museum when it was still just a quarry down to Bullbridge.
Cromford Road

Having crossed Cromford Road we walked through Folds Yard to reach the open countryside on the east side of the village. From here there was a distant view of the road junction close to the entrance to the Crich Tramway Village - the National Tramway Museum - but we would soon be turning away from that and heading northwards towards Plaistow.
Feeding Cow

As we turned to start the northward trek, the field we entered had a herd of cows who scattered as we entered the field but soon settled down again to continue grazing the grass. We crossed the lane visible above the cow which runs past Ann Croft Farm also visible (top left) and then continued through eight of nine more fields.
Crich Stand

There was also a view of the Sherwood Foresters Memorial to the left, the aforementioned Crich Stand. This is probably the closest we got to the Memorial on this walk but then again, it is called "Around" and not "To" Crich Stand.
At Cliff Farm

We eventually reached Cliff Farm but there was a slight pause here as a lorry was blocking our path as workers were involved in replacing a telegraph pole. The problem was soon resolved however as a short detour took us past the lorry and onwards to Plaistow Grange.
Glebe Cottage Track

A short stretch of road walking took us to the entrance to Glebe Cottage and we turned left to follow the track.
Inquisitive Cattle

Whereas cattle in the field we had crossed earlier had moved away to allow us to pass, here inquisitive beast gathered at a fence to see who was passing.
Follow The Leader

At Glebe Cottage we started the climb to what was probably the highest point in the walk and in single file we followed David, our leader of the walk from Amber Valley Ramblers.

At this point we were still short of the half way point of the walk - click here to continue.

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