Autumn Footprints 2021 - Codnor Park Reservoir
w/e 31 October 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

This Autumn Footprints walk took place on Friday September 24th and the description in the programme read "This pleasant walk follows the Cromford Canal to Erewash Meadows and on to Aldercarr Flash. On the return we take in Codnor Castle and wind back to the reservoir. (10-15 stiles)". It was graded as a moderate walk of 5.7 miles and when I later measured it later it was just a touch over 6 miles. Added to other walking during that day I managed between 7 and 8 miles which was the furthest I'd walked in a single day since before lockdown. It may not seem far to many people but I slept well that night!

Codnor Park Reservoir

The walk started at the Codnor Park Reservoir and we followed the route of the Cromford Canal towards Stoneyford, Aldercarr and Langley Mill.
Pinxton Branch Bridge

We'd no sooner started walking than we paused at this bridge which marked the point where the former Pinxton Branch joined the Cromford Canal. There were several more pauses during the walk to allow our walk leader Ben Wain (who had also led the Launch Walk in Shipley Park) to share his interesting knowledge about the history of the area as well the natural environment.

For the first part of the walk we continued along the towpath along the disused Cromford Canal.
Cromford Canal

After a little while we crossed the canal via a footbridge and this is the view back towards Codnor Park from the said bridge.
Forge Nature Reserve

For the next mile we walked through an area of scrub land before climbing a bank to pause again and look back over what had formerly been the industrial landscape of the Codnor Park Forge and Wagon Works. Now returning to nature it is known as The Forge Nature Reserve.
Erewash Meadows

The walk continue through a wooded area before dropping down again to the route of the Cromford Canal and the Erewash Meadows Nature Reserve.
River & Rail

We continued heading south along the route of the old canal and also the meandering River Erewash until we reached another Nature Reserve in the Erewash Valley at Aldercarr Flash. Here we turned away from the path to pass under the railway line that also runs along the valley and start the climb up the track through the Fish Farm to Aldercarr Lane that would eventually take us to Codnor Castle.
Aldercarr Lane

Although only a narrow road we had to pause a couple of times on Aldercarr Lane and move to the side to let traffic pass but for most of the way we were able to walk down the middle of the lane.
Ormonde Fields Golf Club

The walk from the Fish Farm to Codnor Castle is about a mile and a half and about half way along at the junction with Boat Lane, the lane becomes known as Castle Lane. Views on either side of the road all the way along though were over farmland or open countryside but at about a mile from the Fish Farm we passed the manicured fairways of the Ormonde Fields Golf Club.

Castle & Farm

It was not long after this that we caught our first sight of the Castle ruins and the adjacent farm which is currently undergoing restoration work. Our next stop would be at the Castle for a lunch break.

Click here to continue the walk from Codnor Castle back to Codnor Park Reservoir.

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