Autumn Footprints 2021 - Codnor Park Reservoir continued
w/e 07 November 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The first half of this walk had taken us from Codnor Park Reservoir along the Cromford Canal and through a succession of Nature Reserves, (The Forge, Erewash Meadows and Aldercarr Flash) before ascending from the Erewash Valley to reach Codnor Castle.

Codnor Castle

Many of the group had been to the site previously where a green mesh fence surrounds the ruins. Recently ownership of the land around the Castle has changed and a new wooden fence has been erected further away with signs saying it is "Private Property" and notices asking visitors to follow the footpath as shown of a map.

I'm sure I wasn't the only one to think of the "Kinder Scout Trespass" of 1932 and the "Right to Roam" but we all contented ourselves by sitting on the grass to enjoy a picnic lunch whilst surveying the Castle or picking out places on the other side of the valley in Nottinghamshire. The fence can be seen running along the bottom of this picture and when we left the site we exited by the gate towards the left.
Jessop Monument

Before that though we looked over to the left where we could see the Jessop Monument. This can be seen from miles around but this zoomed shot is the best we would get on this walk. Although our route would take us close to it, access to the site is prohibited (even though it was erected by public subscription in 1854) and the surrounding trees prevent closer inspection. The monument is in memory of William Jessop Jnr, partner in the Butterley Company and there is much more information on the Codnor Local History site here -
Castle Lane

We left the Castle site by the lower exit, then climbed back up the hill to turn right onto Castle Lane again which we followed all the way to Castlehill where it becomes known as Monument Lane as it passes the monument.

After passing the monument we could now enjoy the views across the countryside, this time into Derbyshire, over Golden Valley towards Riddings.
Sharon's Corner

PoemNotice BoardWe followed Monument Lane to where it changes to Station Road and here there is a small area at the side of the road called Sharon's Corner. A poem titled "Rest 'awhile" is posted on the railings (left) and there is also a notice board (right) with information about "Ironville & Codnor Park - Historic Model Village with Medieval Castle". This contains a lot of old photographs of the area and information about the formation of the Butterley Company over 200 years ago.

Aerial Photo

There is also another board with a photo showing The Forge Site that we had walked through earlier but this shows the site when it was a hive of industry.
Station Road

Our route now continued down Station Road and led us back to the Forge Nature Reserve.
Forge Row

At the bottom of the hill and just before we entered the Forge Nature Reserve we stopped to look along Forge Row. The industry may have gone from the area but the old workers' cottages still remain although the satellite dishes, TV aerials and new window and door frames show they have all been modernised for 21st century habitation.

Cromford Canal

A left turn once inside the Nature Reserve soon took us back to the Cromford Canal on the opposite side to the towpath we had walked on the outward leg.
Journey's End

And it was not long before we had crossed over the canal via a road bridge we had previously walked under to reach the bridge over the Pinxton Canal that we had seen on the outward journey. Then we had paused and looked under the bridge along the former line of the Pinxton Canal but now with Codnor Park Reservoir and the end of the walk in view we maverick walkers chose to walk over the bridge.
Route Map

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