Christmas In The Villages - Lights In The Darkness
w/e 23 December 2007
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

We've seen previously pictures of Christmas decorations in local cities and towns but the villages nearby also have what I would call "community" displays as well as those by individual householders.


Our tour of the villages will concentrate mainly on those on the western side of Ilkeston starting here at the crossroads in Mapperley Village. This is the view from Lodge Road towards Mapperley Lane.
West Hallam

In West Hallam Village the old schoolroom on the left opposite the Punch Bowl pub (right) is the location for the village's Christmas tree and many of the properties along The Village are tastefully decorated too. The large tree in the distance is a permanent one at the junction of School Square but it too has been lit up.

Another temporary but brightly decorated tree with many coloured lights has been placed on the large green area between Station Road (left) and Hurst Drive (right) in Stanley Village.
Dale Abbey

Our next port of call is Dale Abbey where the tree at the centre of this picture that stands on the triangular green where The Village meets Tattle Hill has also benefited from the addition of coloured lights.
Stanton By Dale

Another triangular green, this time at the junction of Main Street and Stanhope Street in Stanton By Dale has a tree covered in white lights. There are several more similarly covered trees in the village as well as additional decorations on the individual properties.

All the above villages are in Derbyshire but for our final image we move into Nottinghamshire. Although in a different county, Trowell is the nearest village to Ilkeston as it butts up to the county boundary. In previous years I remember several of the trees on the main road between Ilkeston and Nottingham being covered by tiny specks of light as though a net had been thrown over them. None of these are to be seen this year but the Village Hall on Stapleford Road has been brightly decorated and the trees on the frontage are festooned with lights.

So whether we are in the cities, towns or villages, Christmas lights are to be seen everywhere reminding us once again that "Jesus said to them, I am the light of the world; he who comes with me will not be walking in the dark but will have the light of life." John 8:12

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