Mapperley Village
w/e 17 March 2002

Three buildings that adorn many a village are the church, the pub and the village store. We shall see all three on this short walk through Mapperley, the first being the Scandinavian style church on the right of the daffodil lined lane leading to the village. The original church building of 1851 was closed in 1964 and had to be demolished due to mining subsidence. The opportunity was taken to replace it with this modernistic architectural piece the church re-opening in April, 1966.

Opposite the church are the village stocks but before you get carried away with visions of them being used in a by-gone age, it would be worthwhile reading the inscription that shows that they were not erected until 1967 to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the grant of a Royal Charter.

The shop right in the centre of the village doubles as a general store and the Post Office.

The third icon of village life is represented by the "Old Black Horse" public house or as it is more commonly known locally, the "Black Oss"!

Not far away from the hostelry I spotted this gardener who appeared to have had more than his fair share of the beverages on offer.

But if he needed a taxi cab home he could always telephone for one from this old style call box not far away on the corner of Back Lane.

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