Ilkeston - Changes
w/e 21 August 2011
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

In January last year (2010) I featured several images of places that had featured in my lifetime and found that many of the significant buildings such as churches, schools and workplaces had not only changed but many had disappeared altogether. I've been on a similar mission this week but all the images on this page show sites that have changed within the last decade. The "old" images are shown with the dates they were captured for comparison with the photos taken from similar positions last week. Changes take place gradually and it is often surprising when looking back just how much the landscape has altered.

Charnos Site

Charnos factory on Corporation Road was once the site of a major employer in the town and the iconic structure on the flat roof was a landmark visible from afar. My mother used to work there and as I child I attended many Christmas parties in the canteen. In February 2007 the factory was no longer in production and stood empty but the site was later cleared to be replaced with a less than iconic housing estate.
Cavendish Road

This recent image taken on Cavendish Road will no doubt not only surprise but disappoint many people who have fond memories of the buildings that once stood here. Originally the Cavendish Girls' School it later became part of the Cantelupe School, an amalgamation of several other schools in the town before serving as part of the South East Derbyshire College complex, a role it was still fulfilling in February 2003. In 2010 the College merged with and became part of the larger Derby College and the Cavendish Road site became surplus to requirements. Demolition has taken place and I believe the site is earmarked for more housing.
Kensington Gardens

Housing that has already been built although terminated before the site was completed due to the economic climate, is on the former allotments site off Kensington Gardens. Back in September 2004 the narrow track to garages and the allotments was a difficult place for a fire engine to manoeuvre to deal with a fire in the said allotments but now that they have been built on, the track has become a frequently used unauthorised alternative access to the estate.
Fire Station

The fire engine that attended the allotments fire was based in the Fire Station on Derby Road which was still there in June 2006 but now the brand new Community Fire Station stands on the same site, the engines had temporarily moved to a site on the Manners Industrial Estate before returning to their base here.

It's not unusual these days to see another of the emergency services, ambulances, on Nottingham Road outside the Littlewick Medical Centre but back in November 2008 only the framework of a new building stood next to the original doctors' surgery that occupied part of the site. Since then the new medical centre has been completed in two phases allowing the staff to move into part of the new building while the old one was demolished to allow phase two to be built. In the intervening period the adjacent Manor Pharmacy façade has also undergone a facelift.
Premier Garage Site

Long before Chalons Way was built, Market Street joined Park Road and the corner plot was occupied by the Premier Garage with the Catholic Club above. To accommodate Chalons Way, Market Street was truncated, many buildings demolished and the corner plot became a green oasis and several trees were planted. In autumn lorries, caravans and trailers transformed the area into a travelling showmen's village when the Annual Charter Fair took place and in spring daffodils added a splash of colour as can be seen in the April 2005 image. Since then the housing development on the former Hallcroft and Gladstone Schools site has been extended and blocks of four storey flats now obscure the view.
Hallcroft & Gladstone

Some of the housing development on the schools site can already be seen in the previous image from 2005 but less than a couple of years prior to that the view from the footbridge over Chalons Way showed nothing but the overgrown footprints of the Hallcroft and Gladstone School buildings. From the same bridge today the whole site has been transformed with a housing estate whose design achieved the unenviable distinction of being ranked as one of the worst in the country.
Rutland Street

In January 2005 another of the town's iconic buildings, this one on the former Gas Works site in Rutland Street, was still standing but partial demolition was soon to follow and the site was eventually cleared and levelled with a promise of a new KFC outlet to be built. Construction of the said building has now commenced but if it takes as long to build as the old one took to be demolished, it could well be a few years yet before it actually opens for business. By which time of course many more places in the town will have undergone those subtle, and perhaps some not so subtle, changes that go by the name of progress.

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