Ilkeston - Spring Is In The Air
w/e 06 March 2011
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Park Cemetery

Winter has not had its final say yet and for much of last week there was a cold wind blowing across the East Midlands but it did drop one day and with the sun shining down on newly planted flower beds like this one at the main entrance to Park Cemetery, there was a definite feeling of spring in the air.
Cantelupe Road

Across from the cemetery on 'Illy 'Oleys, clumps of crocuses and trees bursting into bud at the side of Cantelupe Road were also another indication of the change of the seasons.
St Mary's Churchyard

Making our way up to the Market Place from the cemetery, we found a few more crocuses plus a few snowdrops beneath a tree in the churchyard at St Mary's.
Lower Market Place

On the other side of the church by the wall overlooking the Lower Market Place, daffodils are in bud but none were open yet. Similar flowers are already in full bloom in Cornwall so that probably means if the experience of previous years is anything to go by that these in Derbyshire will not be fully opened for another two or three weeks.
Victoria Park

A short walk and a brief visit to Victoria Park presented us with several views of which this is just one, of the carpet of crocuses along the length of Bristol Road.

Our final port of call where we knew that snowdrops were in flower was the old cemetery on Stanton Road. The cemetery has not been used for interments since 1947 but is constantly being restored and maintained by a local group, the Friends of Stanton Road Cemetery. The snowdrops have almost finished for this year but these at the side of one of the graves near the entrance still look a picture.
Stanton Road Cemetery

Stanton Road cemetery is split into three main areas. The wealthy purchased plots near the entrance with the not so well off in the middle section and the poorer people were buried at the far end. Over 4000 people were buried here but there are less than 300 headstones. Many of the graves had fallen into disrepair but the Friends in conjunction with Groundwork Derby and Derbyshire and with funding from the Lottery Heritage Fund are doing an excellent job in repairing and restoring them. This view with the white and purple crocuses around the headstones is from the "rich" end of the cemetery.
Yellow, Purple & White

At the far end in the "poor" section the headstones are far fewer but the crocuses are even more bountiful and even have yellow varieties amongst the white and purple. For more information about this fascinating example of a Victorian burial ground and some of the interesting Ilkestonians buried here, visit the Friends of Stanton Road Cemetery website.

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