Ilkeston - Green's Lock
w/e 06 October 2002

Green's Lock

Whilst out walking recently I happened to be at Green's Lock on the Erewash Canal just as a narrow boat was approaching. Although I have lived in the area all my life and have passed the lock many times, I cannot recollect having seen a boat pass through it before. A lady on the boat jumped onto the towpath and expertly opened the sluice gates to allow to water level in the lock to fall to the lower level causing quite a bit of turbulence as can be seen above.

After one of the lock gates had been opened, the narrow boat inched its way into the lock.

Water was let back into the lock and as the boat rose, I chatted for a few minutes with the gentleman on board. Despite what it says on the side of the boat, he told me they had set off from Northampton on a three week trip to explore the "Leicester Loop" based on the Rivers Trent and Soar.

By taking three weeks for the trip instead of the normal two, it allowed them time to take leisurely diversions into Nottingham and along canals like this one - all a far cry from the hustle and bustle of this modern age when one can reach Northampton down the motorway in less than a couple of hours.

Pausing the boat again after passing through the lock just long enough to close the gate behind them, I wondered how many times they would have to repeat this task before returning the boat to its Northampton base.
On To Langley Mill

From Northampton, they would have to make their way home to Essex but wishing them "Bon Voyage" as they headed off towards Langley Mill, I hoped that they had enjoyed their visit to the East Midlands and that they would soon return to continue their exploration of our beautiful country.

Try this link to follow the route of the Erewash Canal on board a narrow boat.

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