Ilkeston - The Sherwood Foresters Parade
w/e 22 September 2002

All of the pictures on this page were taken by my wife, Sandra.


The boys are back in town! Four hundred soldiers of the 1st Battalion of the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters descended on Ilkeston last week. A number of them in camouflage with a variety of vehicles proved a popular attraction in the Market Place.

As did their mascot "Derby" the ram with his minders stationed outside the Town Hall.
Colour Party

But the main event of the day was a march through he streets of the town by the main body of soldiers. Here the colour party turn in front of the Town Hall from Wharncliffe Road followed closely by two soldiers bearing axes - a reminder of the forester association.

A marching band in brightly coloured uniforms and more soberly dressed members of the Foresters added to the impressive spectacle as they quick marched towards Bath Street.
Civic Salute

A few minutes later they returned up Bath Street to salute the current Mayor of Erewash, Councillor George Buckley. The Foresters were exercising their right to march through the town, being granted the freedom of the town in 1951.
Old Soldiers

Many members of the Battalion come from the local area and there is still an active branch of Sherwood Foresters Association in the town. My uncle served with the Foresters in the Second World War and had he still been alive today, he would have been proud to take his place alongside these veterans.

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