Ilkeston - Bank Holiday Fun
w/e 01 September 2002


You could tell it was a summer Bank Holiday by the way these spectators were muffled up but can you guess what they were watching?
Museum Lawn

The answer is the final concert of the season by the town's band, Ilkeston Brass. The event took place in the grounds of the Erewash Museum which is the building in the background. During the summer a maze is cut into the lawn but on Bank Holiday Monday the concert took precedence.

Meanwhile at Kirk Hallam another crowd had assembled near the Cat and Fiddle car park.

The attraction here was a 180 foot bungee jump and even at £25 a time there was no shortage of takers. And yes, that is a human being on the end of that rope!
Back To Earth

This jumper had just come back to earth and the platform was being lowered for the next adventurer. I can assure you it wasn't me!
Flying Low

Something else coming back to earth during the Bank Holiday weekend was this balloon. It caused some consternation to local householders as it passed close to the chimney pots but it seems a much safer proposition to me than bungee jumping.

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