Nottingham - Castle Meadow
w/e 25 August 2002

Nottingham Canal

The footpath alongside the Canal that runs parallel with Castle Boulevard beneath Nottingham Castle was quite popular this Bank Holiday weekend as can be seen from the image above. The path is also part of the 105 mile long Robin Hood Way but our walk was much, much shorter than that.

Castle Marina

We commenced our walk near the Castle Marina where the road bridge carrying carrying Castle Bridge Road passes over the canal (to the right of this picture) and the entrance (left) to the marina.
Narrow Boats

Walking towards the city centre, we passed many narrow boats moored like the "Little Star" at the side of the canal. Others floated gently by heading for the marina, all a world away from the busy road traffic hurtling along Castle Boulevard just beyond the greenery on the far side of the canal.
Charlie and Victoria

We met a very friendly dog called Charlie who was relaxing with his master by the good ship "Victoria".

An angler had enough bait to catch all the fish in the canal and the different coloured wriggling maggots provided an interesting if unusual sight for the many passers-by.
Architectural Contrasts

The castle from which the marina, the roads and in fact the whole area, Castle Meadow, derive their names put in a number of fleeting appearances as we progressed along the canal but this is probably one of the better views caught between the modern apartments on the left and the older architecture to the right. Three contrasting styles coming together but do they really blend?
Wilford Road Bridge

When the canal reaches Wilford Street, it is almost at street level but a lock enables the boats to be lowered to pass under the brightly painted Wilford Street bridge. This marked the end of our walk, or rather the mid point. All that remained was to turn round and retrace our steps back to the marina.

Upadte 13/05/07 - To continue this walk under the bridge please see Part 3 of the Historic Nottingham series.

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