Greasley Church - A Trip Up The Tower
w/e 14 July 2002

Whilst visiting Greasley for last week's selection of photos, we were fortunate enough to find the church open and a guide to point out some features of interest. He also told us that the following week was the Parish Day when there would be guided tours up the tower. Such an opportunity was too good to miss.

Musician's Gallery

Much of the church was rebuilt in 1896 following mining subsidence although the tower, one of the oldest parts of the church dates back several more centuries. It was here in a gallery above the door that musicians and singers would congregate during church services. Whenever they performed everyone else in the church had to turn their backs on the altar to look at them giving rise to the expression "to face the music".

The ascent of the tower via a narrow spiral staircase was achieved in easy stages. About a third of the way up is the room where the campanologists perform their art. A few minutes were spent here discussing the merits of hemp and polyester for the bell ropes and the small green door was opened to reveal the thickness of the walls.
The Bells

Two thirds of the way up the tower is another chamber housing the bells. The large bell in the centre of was actually tolled whilst I was taking this picture. When all the bells are ringing it is not advisable to be this close!
On top of the tower

Once at the top this couple, having travelled from the other side of the world in New Zealand, took the opportunity to acquire a memento for their photo album as a reminder of their trip.
Looking down

There were many more photo opportunities at the top like this one from the north side of the tower looking down onto the Parish Hall.
Gravestones below

And from the eastern side of the tower, beyond the church roof, is the older part of the churchyard. Benjamin Drawater's tombstone (see last week's photos) with the two plaques in front, is bathed in sunshine in the centre of this picture near the trees.

Click "Views From The Tower" to see more of what D. H. Lawrence called the "Country of my Heart".

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