West Hallam - Festival Day
w/e 26 September 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The West Hallam Well Dressing Festival was curtailed this year by the pandemic restrictions but it was planned to hold a Festival Day in September as a second part to the event. I didn't think at the time of the Well Dressings in July (link) that we would be able to attend but as it turned out, we did indeed manage to go and here are some pictures from the celebrations on September 18th.

The Village

In a normal year the road through the village would be closed to traffic and lined with stalls interspersed with the Well Dressings. This year they were on display in July but on the Festival Day the road (called The Village) was closed again and the stalls returned to the village centre.
Morris Men

Entertainment was provided by various groups or individuals who moved to different locations in the village centre throughout the afternoon and when we were there, the Ripley Morris Men were dancing in School Square.
Viaduct Stall

One of the stalls in The Village was being run by the Friends of Bennerley Viaduct who will soon be enjoying their own celebrations when the viaduct is re-opened to the public after 50 years of closure.
Scarecrow Headquarters

On the other side of the road was the West Hallam and District W.I.'s stall which was placed in front of the Scarecrow Headquarters. A Scarecrow Trail is usually held each year at the same time as the Well Dressing Festival.

Two scarecrows were placed in front of the HQ where Trail leaflets could be bought and another was standing in the adjacent drive.

Bake Off Betty

As well as running a stall at the Festival, the West Hallam and District W.I. had also made a scarecrow and it could be found outside the Village Hall. With a nod towards the TV programme, they had named it "Bake Off Betty".
Hall Yard

At the usual Well Dressing Festival the yard in front of the Hall is filled with well dressing displays but on this Festival Day the area had been taken over by various craft stalls.
Craft Stalls

There were many more craft stalls in the yard behind and at the side of the Village Hall.

As well as the Morris Men we had seen earlier we also saw a barrel organ being played in the The Village and a children's entertainer in The Dales Car Park. These and more moved around the village centre throughout the afternoon to keep everyone entertained.
Labyrinth Cave

Something else to keep the children entertained was standing in The Dales Car Park. On first sight it appeared to be a tank but actually it was a simulated cave with climbing walls and a maze of tunnels inside.

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