West Hallam - Well Dressings 2021
w/e 18 July 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490
West Hallam - Well Dressings 2021

In 2020 the coronavirus pandemic caused many events to be cancelled and the West Hallam Well Dressing Festival was just one of the casualties. This year the event has returned to the calendar but in a much scaled down manner. Nine dressings were on display from July 10th for the following week but the usual festivities that take place on the opening day were not held but plans are taking place to hold the Festival Day later in the year on September 18th.


All of the well dressings are along the main street through the village or in School Square. We began our look at them at the gate to St Wilfrid's Church where this one was titled "Hope" with the adjacent notice saying that "By improving access to new and under-used vaccines, GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, is transforming lives, boosting economies and making the world safer."
Scouting @ home

The next four dressings are all in front of the Village Hall, three of them in the forecourt behind the railings. The first was by the 10th Ilkeston Scouts and Voyager Explorers and is called "Scouting @ Home", no doubt referring to their time during lockdown.
Peak District

The largest display was by the West Hallam Book Group and commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Peak District's National Park.
In Memory

This one was close to the railings in front of the Hall so he photo was taken from above looking down. Stanley Village Community Association "In Memory of Mrs Kate Salt" who was Treasurer of Stanley Village Hall and it represents the quilts that Mrs Salt used to make.
Forgive Friends

To the right of the door is Scargill Primary School's floral display. Surrounded by more flowers the well dressing also bears the words "Forgive Friends".
Plant Stall

Also at the Village Hall is a stall where plants can be purchased with the proceeds going to the Hall. Under normal circumstances the village would have hosted numerous stalls on the opening day raising money for many charities but this year that will not happen until September.
Over the Rainbow

You may have noticed a common theme running through this year's well dressings of a rainbow. That theme is continued in West Hallam Village Pre-School's contribution titled "Over the Rainbow". The rainbow has become a symbol of hope during the pandemic. The adjacent notice says that the pre-school children have worked hard with the staff to design and prepare the well dressing.

Spread Kindness Like Wildflowers

The last well dressing on the main street is by the West Hallam Community Pre-School who decided to celebrate with flowers of hope and their contribution was titled "Spread Kindness Like Wildflowers".
Rainbow of Hope

Just around the corner in School Square the Stanley St. Andrew's School continue the theme remembering all those affected by coronavirus with a "Rainbow of Hope".
Minors Club

The final well dressing in this year's festival, also in School Square, is by the West Hallam Minors Club. The children drew pictures of flowers, water and wildlife to celebrate the original meaning of well dressings - the abundance of water. The drawings were combined to produce the design which once again features a rainbow.

As things stand at the moment I don't think I will be available to attend the September event but hopefully will be back at West Hallam next year for a more normal Well Dressing Festival.

As it turned out I did manage to return in September for the Festival Day - click here to see the images.

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